EP77. Jim Palmer: How To Create A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle

Founder of the Dream Business Academy, Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program, Jim Palmer hosts Dream Biz TV and Stick Like Glue Radio with 1000s of businesses and entrepreneurs in the audience. Best known internationally as the dream business coach, Jim tell us how to create a business that supports your lifestyle, next on Revenue Chat.


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Internationally recognized Dream Business Coach, Jim Palmer runs a popular podcast and TV show. Author of 6 popular business books, Jim is there to help any business grow, because statistically, over 90% of all successful businesses have a business coach.

With over 30 years of practical business advice and experience, Jim has it down pat on coaching entrepreneurs to higher levels of success.

Jim tells us how to create a business that supports our lifestyle, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 02:32 How it all started for Jim Palmer who became a manager at this early age.
  • 03:08 The lowest point in his life: his job was eliminated, savings gone, got cancer and the bottom fell out!
  • 04:58 Good definition of a dream business.
  • 06:43 Check out Jim’s method to create multiple streams of revenue!
  • 07:38 Great strategy in use here to generate income: You can make a referral or you can create a revenue stream!
  • 08:22 How he launched Concierge Print and Demand program in 30 days.
  • 08:30 How he launched No Hassle Social Media.
  • 09:03 The biggest key (takeaway) here is when one of his clients is looking for a referral, he turns it into a revenue stream.
  • 09:22 Another business: Custom Article Generator and how that came about (and it feeds his other businesses)!
  • 10:27 The best way to make substantial income. Check this excellent advice.
  • 11:10 An important lesson at stake here: You make a sale to get a customer, not the other way around. Listen why.
  • 11:35 Do this and grow your revenue with your existing customers. Are you doing this step?
  • 11:52 More strategies on generating more income.
  • 13:02 His business mentor is Dan Kennedy who said this.
  • 13:26 Great conversation about it is you that sells, not your product-including some very good details.
  • 15:27 About the million dollar platform which is all the different ways you serve an audience with value. Check it out!
  • 16:43 The top few % do this and make the most. How many of these steps are you regularly accomplishing?
  • 16:58 Do you know your perfect prospective customer? Guess what? They all consume content differently.
  • 18:20 About Jim’s VIP Elite Program.
  • 18:38 Why are some businesses growing faster than others?
  • 19:47 Are you too busy growing your company to get everything else done that needs to be done? Good advice.
  • 21:18 Anecdote about Fred Smith who started Federal Express.
  • 22:22 Get inspired now! All of the Great People in History had Mentors! Check this out!
  • 24:00 Here’s a breakdown if you want to earn one million dollars a year. Good stuff.
  • 27:57 Anecdote about a prior guest, Dov Baron and Tony Robbins. Who’s on your team?
  • 30:12 The importance of delegation. Jim has a chapter in his latest book (Decide) called Delegate or Stay Small Forever!
  • 30:55 About Jim Palmer’s latest book, Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger.
  • 32:10 Decide because indecision is a drag on progress!
  • 32:45 Get a Free Copy of Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger–an actual Paperback–by mail! go to: decideforsuccessbook.com
  • 34:48 The bitch-slap moment! — Very profound! Serious stuff.
  • 38:31 Anecdote from Abraham Lincoln about failure. It only happens when you stop.
  • 39:16 Check this out: The real way that you should be judged! Profound!
  • 41:50 Anecdote: If you only had the Almanac from Back to the Future Part 2! Get some Fire in the Belly!
  • 44:45 Anecdote about Zig Ziglar: Timid salespeople have skinny kids!
  • 45:05 Jim Palmer’s purpose. What drives him. About Serve First, and serving others! #perspective
  • 47:47 Get a free audio book: Serve First. No strings, just get it! GetJimPalmer.com/servefirst



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I interviewed many brilliant VIPs, celebrities and experts who all shared profound insight. Jim knocks it out of the ballpark, the city, and the country on the steps to take to create a business that supports your lifestyle! I can’t stop saying “Wow!” What a great interview! This guy is brilliant, and he gives out his paperback for free in the mail! Run and get that now while available before he wakes up!


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