EP74. Mike Saunders: Opening More Doors to Closing More Business

Authority & reputation marketing strategist, Mike Saunders leads a team to help small business owners in some powerful ways. The President of Marketing Huddle, he knows how to take your company to greater heights through the way of the future: digital marketing and assisting to instantly optimize your credibility and trust with authority marketing and positioning. Mike tells us how to open more doors to close more business here on Revenue Chat.

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Mike combines MBA-level marketing strategy and cutting-edge sales tactics in executing marketing plans to make you the leader in your field.

He is the talk show host at Business Innovators Radio and a marketing professor at several universities teaching online marketing curriculums.

A social media and marketing expert for years, and an author of several books, he also teaches how to become an Amazon best-seller through authority positioning.

Mike to tell us how to open more doors to closing more business, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


02:32 How it all started for Mike Saunders of MarketingHuddle.com
04:20 SEO: Why its not as important as it used to be and is antiquated.
05:17 Getting slapped with the Google zoo animals: pandas, penguins and things like that.
05:59 About authority positioning.
06:47 About Real Strategic who asked 357 people what they do after being introduced to a business. 87% do this step next.
07:29 Seeing authority positioning assets before doing business.
08:36 The strength of 3rd party endorsements.
08:57 This is better than being on the 1st page of Google.
10:18 Multiple people with your name and David Meerman Scott.
11:32 What is your true competitive advantage? Really, what?
13:08 Advice to those just starting out as regards to SEO.
14:00 A 90-Day authority positioning portfolio SEO plan.
16:05 What to do if you don’t think you are good enough or don’t have enough celebrity status to rank high in SEO.
18:36 A great Dan Kennedy quote about establishing yourself as a celebrity in your market.
19:09 An insightful quote by Barbara Corcoran on being larger than life.
21:40 New Book: Authority Selling and making the market place blindly believe the words of an expert.
23:21 What is ZMOT and how does that build authority for us?
27:25 All the sales walls drop because you’re not a sales person, you’re an expert and an authority and an influencer.
28:06 How to make someone an authority or even a bestselling author without them writing one word.
30:18 Putting it all together on making someone an authority with radio show, press release and interview style book.
33:51 What do you do once you are a bestselling author by this process and how you monetize it.
37:39 What do you do once it’s all done and you are now an established known authority on your subject.
44:18 An variation of how to use this authority positioning if you are in the IT industry.
46:50 The new book Authority Selling available via MarketingHuddle.com and AuthoritySellingBook.com
47:21 More about the psychology of marketing, how to be an influencer and how to interview influencers.
47:35 How he reached out and interviewed the great Tom Hopkins the sales trainer.
50:04 Anecdote about the great Bob Burg’s book, the Go-Giver.
50:28 Anecdote on The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes re 97% of your market is not ready to buy right now.
52:42 Fast recap on SEO and what was discussed in this interview.


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Mike provides an amazing and highly detailed interview on SEO and how to position yourself as an authority regardless if you ever wrote a book or been in the media. Fascinating and brilliant. Check this out and become a serious influencer in your industry!



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