EP73. Matt Egelhoff: How To Grow Your Business With a Mobile App

Matt Egelhoff grew up as the oldest of 3 boys in a military family, so he learned the importance of starting fresh and being flexible early on. Moving to Texas in year 2000, he acquired his degree in Radio and TV communications. With many years in television broadcasting and the creation of the successful Fire Breathing Penguin Media, Matt tells us to how to grow our business with a mobile app.

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Starting off as a news cameraman, he grew into directing live newscasts reaching a pinnacle at both directing and technical directing 3 live shows a day.

Staying in tv and trying his hand at a related field, he managed the first government access tv station for the City of San Angelo, and eventually became an ABC affiliate at KTLV.

He eventually started his dream business, Fire Breathing Penguin Media and never looked back.

Matt tells us to how to grow our business with a mobile app, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


02:50 How it all started for Matt Egelhoff of Fire Breathing Penguin Media.
05:32 How he quit his job in just a few months.
06:01 Big national companies started moving towards mobile apps.
07:00 A great definition of a mobile app.
07:54 The app provides fresh brand new info just uploaded minutes ago.
08:22 Their Internet radio station apps download video and audio automatically.
08:36 The user doesn’t have to go to YouTube to check your channel as it is already on the app.
09:03 This is what makes the mobile app so different and important to today’s world.
11:08 Push notifications. What they are and how they help a business.
13:00 Discussing some of the key features that make a mobile app so unique and versatile.
15:42 We are with mobile apps today where web sites were in the late 90s.
17:42 Mobile app is excellent for local businesses to target consumers in specific areas.
18:17 How a mobile app benefits large and international companies.
21:16 Geographically targeted push notifications: you can put up geo-fences around main centers, stages, whatever.
22:00 Talking about I-beacons, an even more localized way to interact with potential customers through the mobile app.
23:04 You can get an idea of all the different types of mobile app features possible if you poke around FireBreathingPenguin.com
25:15 How they came up with the name: FireBreathingPenguin (who is called Fred).
31:00 It’s all about helping local & small businesses and having very reasonable options.
32:06 What drives Matt to keep on; purpose and vision.
34:40 Email Matt and say hi at matt@firebreathingpenguin.com 

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Matt provides an enthusiastic interview about mobile apps, what they are, how to use them and why they are so important for a business of all sizes from the entrepreneur, through small businesses, all the way to international corporations. A highly illuminating interview. You gotta hear it all the way through to how he came up with the name: Fire Breathing Penguin. It’s a riot.


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