EP65. Wesley Higbee: You Know It But Don’t Believe It

As a consultant, Wesley Higbee helps people eradicate emotional blind spots with technology that produces rapid results. Starting out as a software developer, in working closely with customers, he realized there are many needs beyond the software itself that nobody was taking care of.

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A software developer with amazing technology, Wesley Higbee helps get rid of your blind spots with rapid results.

He launched Full City Tech to leverage this expertise in helping companies to the delight of his customers. He speaks professionally to help organizations improve and volunteers at user groups, code camps, and community organizations.

A Pluralsight author, Wesley writes extensively about both technical and non-technical aspects of software development.

His written work includes articles featured on VeraSage, MSDN Magazine, InfoQ, and JetBrain’s TeamCity Blog. And he’s been interviewed on The Businessology Show and Art of Value about how important value is in software development.

Wesley to tell us how we know it but don’t believe it, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 03:50 No one was taking care of the things beyond technology.
  • 04:18 It started with the assumption that people know what they want.
  • 04:43 Helps his customers eradicate emotional blindspots with technology.
  • 05:31 How can you know something is true and not believe it?
  • 07:13 You know you believe something when you do it without thinking.
  • 08:14 How does learning effect behavior?
  • 09:56 What’s the point of learning something if it doesn’t influence your future behavior?
  • 10:03 What role should certification play in learning?
  • 10:31 One of the challenges of certification is it focuses on the knowing aspect.
  • 11:01 You can get rubber stamped as knowing all sorts of things but that doesn’t mean you will actually use it.
  • 11:14 Does having a belief system play a part in this?
  • 11:38 When we’re learning, we’re really talking about influencing our future behavior.
  • 11:50 If we want to change our behavior we have to ask us this question.
  • 12:22 Your feelings guide your behavior.
  • 12:33 What do we have control over? That’s where beliefs come in.
  • 12:36 Our perception of the world leads us to have a default feeling that leads us to have a default reaction.
  • 12:43 If we can come back to understanding our beliefs then we have the tool to control how we act in the future.
  • 12:53 If we can do that, we can change how we operate in our business and become more successful.
  • 13:05 So how do you change yourself?
  • 13:25 There are two different processes closing related to knowing and believing.13:55 You can go from knowing, to believing, to feeling, to behaving.
  • 14:16 The first step in this toolset is believing that you can change what you believe.
  • 14:54 How do we change our beliefs? That gets into how we affect change.
  • 15:03 A lot of people want to do something different.
  • 15:15 Using an example of one of the secrets of the book Easy Sales Procedures.
  • 16:00 What I always struggled with in sales from the beginning.
  • 16:05 The confusion of close the deal, close the sale.
  • 16:38 Opening the door to sales worked for me, not closing it.
  • 17:17 In opening the door to sales, went from believing business is about money, to business is about relationships.
  • 17:50 Business is not a zero sum belief. Everyone can win at the end of the day.
  • 18:18 You’re just a number mentality in businesses.
  • 19:39 The world impresses upon us the need to close the sale.
  • 19:50 We miss out on the innate ability to leverage our belief that we naturally have.
  • 20:27 There’s no wrong way to the do the right thing.
  • 21:01 A contract is a reflection of the relationship developed or not.
  • 21:26 A great example of a belief is in the need for stringent contracts.
  • 21:51 How do you change other people?
  • 22:17 Influence is affect. If you want to influence others, you have to affect how they feel.
  • 22:45 What to do if you want someone to be nice to you?
  • 25:49 The tuning fork principle in sales from the book Easy Sales Procedures.
  • 27:30 How to spot a bad salesman.
  • 27:43 A counter to “influence is affect” may be “influence is logic.”
  • 28:25 You can get people to budge with logic. You have to get them to want to think.
  • 28:53 What do you do if you’re forgetful? Say you regularly “fall off the horse” with new habits.
  • 29:35 Looking people in the eye.
  • 31:21 The key to correcting yourself if you are forgetful.
  • 33:06 Elaboration about his blog titled “Addiction is bunk.”
  • 38:10 How to use this technology to keep things on the rails and keep growing.
  • 40:38 How to develop a growth mindset.
  • 42:16 Dealing with the obsession of needing the perfect technical implementation.
  • 44:39 You don’t have to have something at the very top of the industry in order to get started on any endeavor.
  • 46:11 The need to leverage other people into your business in order to grow.
  • 48:10 How to keep track of all the things you want to learn.
  • 48:36 The ability to let go (in order to grow your business) breeds confidence.
  • 51:58 These points and many others flushed out in newsletters and blogs at weshigbee.com.
  • 52:13 About feelings and giving or not giving feedback to others – webinar at fullcitytechnology.com.


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Wesley provides simple methods to solidify our beliefs and turn them into action thereby affecting and improving life and business.

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