EP64. Rhonda Rees: How To Use Public Relations to Grow Your Business

Award-winning veteran in the field of public relations, Rhonda Rees, runs a successful Public Relations Company, along with Aseity Press Publishing. She is the author of an award-winning book, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations: Insider Secrets to Make You a Success, and also the recipient of the Publicist of the Year Award from the Bulldog Reporter.

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An award-winner in public relations, and along with a bestselling book, Profit and Prosper with Public Relations, Rhonda is the recipient of the Publicist of the Year award from the Bulldog Reporter publication, as mentioned, for her media awareness campaign to help bring attention to online book piracy. In addition, she is a past IRWIN award-winner, Publicist of the Year from the Book Publicists of Southern California organization.

Rhonda lectures extensively on the subject of public relations to businesses, universities, and organizations, and she appears on radio and television talk interview programs and news broadcasts, including National Public Radio, Blog Talk Radio, and YouTube.

Rhonda tells us how to use public relations to grow our business on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • What is Public Relations? 05:16
  • What elements go into making up a public relations campaign? 09:01
  • The current presidential candidates need good PR like this 08:14
  • Public Relations people have to almost be mini-detectives
  • The first element in any PR campaign is actually determining the budget available 10:38
  • The second element in any PR campaign is who are the people you are trying to reach with your message 12:53
  • You have to narrow down your audience in any PR campaign and why 13:31
  • The third element in any PR campaign is the research to plan the strategy and timing 14:16
  • The movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life: why it originally bombed! 15:02
  • How do you ignite the interest of the media to get your message noticed? 17:00
  • Listen to the best hook on how to get media attention 18:10
  • Tools, techniques and technology reading excerpt on Public Relations 19:01
  • You gotta hear this singing teacher who used a pig! 20:01
  • Would you call this radio station and sing along with a pig? 20:30
  • Which costs more and which is more valuable? PR or advertising? 25:25
  • What are the merits of traditional PR in a social media world? 28:50
  • Traditional PR has never gone out of style and worth its weight in gold 29:38
  • What PR people still do that social media cannot do 31:49
  • The real Art of Good PR 32:10
  • What about specialized groups that can impact the PR field?
  • The use of Citizen Evangelists in the news 34:40
  • Melania Trump speech at the RNC and what happened? 35:17
  • How does celebrity, ethics, reputations and promoting controversial clients fit in such as the Trump speech? 37:41
  • What are some interesting and little-known facts about PR?
  • About the book Prosper and Profit with Public Relations and where to find the link 45:00
  • Some more interesting and little-known facts about PR and the connection to Freud! 45:44
  • How Psychology and other social sciences began in pubic persuasion campaigns? 46:17
  • What got Rhonda involved in Public Relations years ago 46:47
  • Interesting anecdotes: Ed Harris & Kelsey Grammar 47:43
  • About the Public Relations Student Society of America for those interested to learn more 48:43

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A seriously informative interview on what Public Relations really is by Rhonda. Surprising to find that basically no one really knows what it is exactly. A good definition is provided at the beginning.

I appreciate your listenership and hearing from you means a lot to me. Feel free to drop me a message.


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