EP25. P2: The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn with Bill Morgenstein

William (Bill) Morgenstein returns for Part 2 on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso. As the highly successful businessman, and author of the popular book on his life and sales exploits, The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn, tells us his success is from never pre-judging a sale.

Bill regales us with humorous and instructional anecdotes in his book, The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn, which is full of lessons in determination, including successes and failures.

His childhood dream was to play baseball for the New York Yankees. He went on to get his bachelors degree in Finance & Banking from the University of Alabama, while playing baseball as often as time permitted. After his degree he served a term in the military in Korea. Afterward, he began working for a shoe company and eventually became the President of the Kitty Kelly Shoe Company running a chain of shoe stores while at the young age of 35; after which he formed an import-export shoe company eventually doing $55 million in volume.

His new book is best summed up by a recent review from one of his readers:

“When I read his book, I was very touched. His writing is clear, entertaining and funny. I learned so much more about that kid from Brooklyn, couldn’t put the book down. His crazy and beautiful life, his enthusiasm and the will power to keep going, even when anyone will feel that there is no way to keep going, is amazing.”

Bill is the President of the Marquesa Funding and Consulting Corp since 1970 (that’s over 45 years for anyone counting) and helps businesses get the funding they need starting at 1 million dollars.


  • The one question that identifies a leader from a worker.
  • Effective leaders write down what they hope to achieve when they take on an assignment.
  • The power of a smile and humor in getting through adverse situations—such as being caught up in an anti-American rally as the only American! Wait till you hear some of these!
  • What have you done to become successful?
  • What were your challenges and disappointments?
  • Have times changed so much that a person can no longer follow their path?
  • Why you should never pre-judge a sale.
  • Why selling is not really a numbers game.
  • Insightful quotes and comments on Zig Ziglar, Ray Kroc, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Napoleon Hill. With story mentions of Telly Savalas, Peter Drucker, Benjamin Franklin & Albert Einstein.


A never ending laugh fest with Bill! His antics continue to make me laugh. I still can’t get over the prom!

I appreciate your listenership and hearing from you means a lot to me. Feel free to drop me a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

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