EP162. Jean Ginzburg: Digital Marketing Expert!

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Jean Ginzburg shows you how to attract, connect, and convert more prospects into customers. She is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity. Jean is also the CEO of Ginball and she’s a #1 Amazon best-seller with her book, “Win New Customers: How to Attract, Connect, and Convert More Prospects into Customers in 60 Days Using Digital Marketing.”

This is from my TV interview with Jean Ginzburg, digital marketing expert. She used her own techniques, knowledge and methodology to market her own book and make it a number one Amazon best seller. I am very impressed.

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Tony: With us, we have Jean Ginsburg, digital marketing expert and Amazon best seller. Welcome to the show Jean. 

Jean: Thank you very much for having me, I’m very excited to be here. 

Tony: Jean, it’s my pleasure and honor to have you, and you know you have so many accomplishments but I’d love to find out how did you become the expert in digital marketing actually that you are now? 

Jean: Yeah, it’s been a long journey. I’ve been doing this for eleven years and I started off just in a corporate space back in 2007, and worked my way up and worked up the ranks in digital marketing there and really got a lot of good experience. So I definitely am very grateful partially for being in the corporate world but at the same time I always had the entrepreneurial bug in me and I wanted to start something of my own and so five years ago, I was working at an agency and I was really happy and I decided I’m going to take the plunge and I’m going to start my own agency and consultancy. And so I’ve been on my own for almost five and a half years now. 

Tony: That’s a very impressive record to be on your own and be so successful. Now can you let us know, many of us think OK we hear marketing strategy, we believe we know what that is, but this is a digital marketing strategy. Can you take us and explain what that is and the difference? 

Jean: Absolutely! So of course there’s marketing which is side of the umbrella of both traditional marketing and digital marketing. And traditional marketing can be anything from T.V. ads to radio ads to newspaper ads, even flyers or things you get in the mail, so that’s traditional marketing. And then about twenty years ago or so when the internet came around, then we started to have digital marketing. So that’s any marketing that’s on your computer or on your mobile device that also includes social media. So it’s definitely been a big shift almost a paradigm shift if I would say because really why digital marketing has become so much more popular is because we’re seeing that audiences and users are just spending more time on social media and on their mobile devices. So an average person spends about twenty minutes a day on social media, so it’s actually been just a shift in attention of where users used to be maybe in traditional marketing and now are just spending so much more time on social media and mobile devices. 

Tony: So true except I think I spend more than twenty minutes a day!

Jean: I can say I can definitely spend more than twenty with a day because I have a few social media channels and profiles that I want to keep up with.

Tony: Now this book when new customers became an Amazon best seller, can you tell us why you wrote that, what’s the back story of creating this incredible book? 

Jean: Absolutely, so like I said I’ve been doing digital marketing, booking just with private clients and helping them grow their business using the strategies that I’ve been testing. So things like Facebook advertising and understanding who your ideal target market is and all of that was just a test in the beginning and then I realized things were working, things were getting better, getting really good results. And so I thought I really should put this in a book form or some sort of digital course form. And I decided to do the book first because I felt that I could really relay that message, the message that the strategies that I’ve been using with my private clients have been working and that other entrepreneurs start up small to midsize businesses could use these strategies in their business. So I felt like I would be doing a disservice to myself, to the entrepreneurial community if I just kept it all to myself, so that’s really the background of why I decided to write the book. 

Tony: Wow, great! First of all thank you for sharing because you’ve got some incredible information and techniques and as you know I come from the generation of marketing, but this takes a whole new level. And again everyone it’s a number one Amazon best seller so I really to tip my hat off to you on that. Can you give us a little bit more of what we would find in here, like what sort of information that you mentioned some Facebook you mentioned some social media, what would we find in this book please? 

Jean: Absolutely, so this book is really targeted to entrepreneurs startups small to medium sized businesses, and I think people who are maybe just getting started with their business and with digital marketing. So really what’s in the book is that we first talk about what is the ideal target market by identifying who that is and you know who we actually want to market to and who is your product or service appropriate for. We get into developing a content strategy, we talk about video a lot, we talk about Facebook advertising and creating nurture funnels and nurturing your users, your prospects over a period of time. And then we get into retargeting as well, so bringing users in who might have engaged with your brand or with your website or your social media back into the fold. So I call it a framework of digital marketing that you could use to find prospects, nurture them over a period of time and then convert them into paying customers. 

Tony: I’m very impressed and for our audience, are you ready for this? She used her own techniques and her own knowledge and methodology to market her own book and make it a number one Amazon best seller. I am so impressed, that’s absolutely amazing you know just like me, I mentor people one on one and it’s so much work and it takes so much time. Now you have a very successful group coaching program with a lot of success, can you tell us about that please? 

Jean: Yeah, so kind of going back to I wrote the book as I was working one on one with private clients and I wanted to expand the message because I felt that again I just didn’t want to keep it all to myself, and working one on one with clients is good I knew get really deep into it but at the same time you can only touch so many people and so many businesses. So I thought that creating a group coaching program would be much more beneficial to the entrepreneurial community because then I can have access to more people who can understand my message and use a different marketing in their business. So recently I watched a couple of group coaching programs, actually one is for the real estate investing space, so we talk about how to find motivated sellers in your local Geo area and then I also created a group coaching program just for entrepreneurs where we basically go into what’s in the book, things like content and video, Facebook advertising and retargeting, so using all those strategies and putting them into your business and growing your business. 

Tony: Very cool, I love it and again I highly recommend get the book and check out this coaching program because if she can do it in the she can show you just think what you can accomplish for your business whether your , an entrepreneur of small business or whatever, I know what it takes and she’s really got these to a fine size. And again you can also go to our site, JeanGinsburg.com. And the audience can get ahold of you, if someone has a question they can reach you there? 

Jean: Yes absolutely, you can go to the website JeanGinzburg.com, and additionally I’m of course active on social media so you can find me on LinkedIn, I have a You Tube channel, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram, you can just go to any of those channels and type in Jean Ginzburg, you should be able to find me. So I would love to connect with all of you, please send me a connect request or follow me on social media, and yeah I hope you guys take advantage of the book and if you can find it on my website or on Amazon.

Tony: Sounds great, I hope everyone does. Jean, thank you so much.

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