EP160. Cindy Ashton: Getting High-Paid Speaking Gigs!

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Corporate speaker, strategist and TV host, Cindy has pretty much done it all in this industry. She works with Broadway directors, Emmy winners and countless thousands on the stage. After 20+ years as a singer / entertainer, she is now the TV host of Cindy Uncorked on e360tv, syndicated worldwide on a 186 million screens.

Cindy Ashton provides a detailed look into what makes a professional speaker, how to captivate the audience, how to get paid top dollar as a speaker, presentation, stage presence and so much more.

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Tony: Revenue chat episode 160. Hey guys, Tony Durso here and I have to say thank you. Thanks a million, a million downloads that is, go to TonyDurso.com/tv and read all about the exciting next adventure we have in store for you, that’s TonyDurso.com/tv and once again thanks a million.

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Tony: Alright Revenue Crew, let’s rev it up, here we go, today we set the stage for Revenue Chat with Cindy Ashton, getting high paid speaking gigs, corporate speaker strategist and TV host, Cindy’s pretty much done it all in this industry, she works with Broadway directors, Emmy winners and countless thousands on the stage and after 20-plus years as a singer entertainer, she’s now the TV host of Cindy Uncorked on E 360 TV syndicated worldwide on a hundred and eighty-six million screens. I love that, and she’s received awards from former President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II for her lifetime of volunteerism and she’s appeared in multiple media including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Inc. magazine and now Revenue Chat, Cindy welcome to Revenue Chat.

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Cindy: Hey Tony, I love that I get to be on Revenue Chat with you and get to hang out with all your listeners, it’s going to be awesome.

Tony: Thank you, you know it’s my honor and pleasure to have you here, it’s always such a delight to chat with you, I’m almost like an Italian teenager because I just really enjoy hanging out with you! Full disclosure: we’ve done some martial arts together.

Cindy: That was fun.

Tony: That was a lot of fun, I’ve seen her sing on stage and I’ve seen her on TV, a great presenter and you my Revenue Crew audience, you are going to love this, if you’re a public speaker, if you want to be a public speaker, if you want to be an entrepreneur, if you are an entrepreneur, if you’re a business owner, if you want to learn how to present, this lady has got the stuff.

Cindy: Now I have a lot to live up to darling.

Tony: Well, let’s take it this way Cindy, now I know of course that you were prepped for stardom at the age of three, but you know not all people follow a career path presented to them at such an early age, can you tell us more and also what kept you going on in this industry?

Cindy: Yes, that’s a really great question, it was like since I was like a fetus, I’ve just known what my souls purpose is for sure and I would say I mean I’ve just known it, I mean nobody in the right mind would choose entertainment as a field, some for years people believe I love to sing should I do it as a profession, I’m like no unless you really know it no it’s a hard profession, but for me I mean I’m a fighter through and through I mean, I’ve always known my purpose well my body had other plans for me and I was born with heart failure and a 20 percent chance of living and the whole left side of my body was structurally damaged, and I’ve had multiple heart surgeries throughout my childhood and I had to have speech therapy to learn to speak let alone sing, I’d have cast on my legs so my legs will grow out well, to learn to walk let alone dance and here I’ve gone on to have this insane career and so when you ask me what keeps me going is the entertainment business is tough but what keeps me going is, when you’re born ready to die and you spend your childhood not knowing if you’re going to get past your teens, it gives a different meaning to your life and it gives a certain fire that just makes you unstoppable.

Tony: That is a great word for you right there, unstoppable, because when you and the audience see her, she just goes on and on and with such a performance, I can’t say enough good stuff about you Cindy, I’m one of your fans.

Cindy: You’re going to make me blush Tony.

Tony: I must say I’ve never seen anyone on stage do a cappella the way you did and I still remember it vividly to this day really amazing, anyways let’s go into presentation skills please, so you are not too embarrassed now, because you have several parts and you really do really well at this, so let’s talk about presentation skills and some people need that to overcome stage fright, they need to get their confidence, let’s chat about that.

Cindy: Yes, so I kind of have a very opposite view of the overcoming stage fright kind of a thing, I see a lot of and again I think everybody should choose a methodology that works for them, I’m just going to share what my methodology is, I see a lot of training out there what I call robot training, so people are afraid to speak and then suddenly they’re given scripts to maybe memorize, they being told to stand here and pose here and make this gesture and breathe here and I’m like is this actually helping with our nerves, making them into a robot and making them so stiff and maybe some people need that level of like maybe they need to be whipped into place I don’t know, but in my opinion it’s about learning to drop into your body as opposed to dropping out of your body, because I feel like those other things aren’t actually letting you be yourself, and a lot of times why people are afraid to speak is fifty percent of the time they’re not really sure of what they’re going to say, so that’s the first thing.

You see there’s really two things that really stops people and from being able to speak in public in those nerves and the first half, is that they’re just not sure of what they’re going to say and they don’t want to look stupid, they don’t want to be embarrassed, so what I tell my speakers or my entrepreneurs and I work with a lot of sales teams, is that the key is get those talking points out, really understand what the flow of what you’re going to say, what your talking points are and just rehearse them, rehearse and rehearse them to the point where it feels like walking, because I see a lot of people, they’ll do the first part, they’ll write out a script or they’ll do their talking points and they’ll go through it a couple of times but then they are still nervous because it’s not in their body they’re still in their head, and as long, there’s two things here as long as you’re in your head, how could you possibly be able to actually communicate with another human being because you are too busy in your brain, but the second thing is that then you’re going to be even more nervous because you’re trying to remember what you’re going to say, and I think that this whole concept of rehearsal is just so underrated in the speaking industry, if you were training to be a prima ballerina or an opera singer, you would take that one run and that opera that you’ve got to you would you’d be like, and you’ll literally like will take one measure in a music phrase and you would just work it until you go, like you just keep working it and working it and working it and what happens with, until it becomes and it’s part of your body, you never would get nervous about walking would you?

Tony: No, not at all of course because you’ve done it so many times, now I have something to say on that please, I’m going to talk though I’m just teasing, I love what you say I could listen to the whole thing half hour show just you, you’re amazing, I’ve done a lot of public speaking, I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people and one thing I’ve learned or not learned is when I rehearse a lot, I lose that spontaneity, off the cuff but however this last speech, I just did a 10 minute speech last week for a contest, I won the award for best speaker.

Cindy: Of course you did.

Tony: It’s on my YouTube at TonySDurso, and it’s ten minutes about my dad in World War II, and I’m telling you the truth I don’t know what I did different because I did that speech so natural like I never rehearsed it and I don’t know yet all the prior speeches I’ve ever done, they would be clumsy and I would get tired of rehearsing, so how can you rehearse something over and over and still when you present it make it so fresh?

Cindy: You know this is a really great question and what I will say is that, there are so many things I want to say but I have to be succinct.

Tony: Okay well we’ll bring you on for another episode later on.

Cindy: That’ll be awesome, no but I think that part of it is, yes I like people to be off-the-cuff and when I say rehearse and rehearse and rehearse, I mean not word for word, I mean just getting yourself really comfortable with what you want to say, that’s what I mean I don’t mean that it has to be exactly the same every single time please don’t do that, then you’re disconnected from who you are and you’re trying to be perfect, but I find the people who are really terrified of speaking, they really need to be doing a lot of rehearsals so they feel really comfortable and what they’re going to say, because they’re so terrified that they’re going to be humiliated because of what they’re saying so that’s why I asked them to do it, but in terms of being off-the-cuff this goes to the other 50% of the reason why people struggle with public speaking fears, is how do you keep it fresh, well how you keep it fresh is the same answer to how do you deal with the emotional and mental side of overcoming that fear and it’s really about learning to be in touch with yourself and learning to be more present and more intimate, and I say that because we live in a society where we are afraid of intimacy and I’m not just talking about in the bedroom but, if you look at a lot of people in a conversation they’re shuffling, their eyes are wandering, they’re fidgeting, like we are not actually as a society taught to breathe into our bodies, slow down and really look and connect with another human being and be really present and be really listening.

So how you keep it off the cuff if you’re very rehearsed Tony is that if you’re present and you’re really taking in other people i.e. your audience or the person you’re selling if you’re doing a sales conversation, then you’re reacting off of their reactions and that’s how you keep it fresh, but what happens with the nerves part of it is that we want to be loved and accepted but here’s the thing, so does the people listening to you, so if we’re extending our energy out to those people and letting ourselves be open and vulnerable and present with them, it’ll allow them to be more open and vulnerable and reach our energy back out because they want to be seen and loved and heard and if they’re seen and loved and heard they’re going to give that back to you, but if you’re on stage and full of nerves and disconnected, they’re going to be full of nerves and disconnected, so hopefully that answers both those questions.

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Tony: It does and I think the one jewel that I got from this, several jewels but the one is because when I rehearse a speech, when I give it live invariably I miss some part that I’ve really thought was important when I rehearsed and that happened again this last time and I was like oh no in a half of a nanosecond I had to decide, I’m going to keep going and not add in that but I worked on the audience reaction and fed off of that and that actually, now that you mentioned it that’s what kept me going that was different than my prior public speaking, I like that Cindy thank you.

Cindy: Now here’s a little solution to your problem because you’ve learn to be, because it was your most natural piece, it was because you are dropped in and willing to listen and be present and feed off them, it also makes you sell better without having to do a sales script, but here’s the thing, is if there’s something really important that must be said, there’s nothing wrong with having the podium to the side with a sheet with very large writing on it, with not sentences by sentences but like key little trigger words or trigger images if you’re visual, so as you’re speaking you can wander over once in a while or look down if it’s on the floor, I don’t have a good eyes enough eyesight to do that personally I’m like blind as a bat, but you can have something placed somewhere on your stage, you could wander every now and then and then it will trigger you with that word or two or with that image that you missed that part, you can revisit it and say oh okay I got to go back for a second I totally forgot to tell you this and make it part of the fun and part of not making yourself wrong but make it part of the fun.

Tony: I like that and I will remember that when I do long speeches, you know if they’re short I can pretty much remember everything but if they’re long, I will do that.

Tony: And we’re back with Cindy Ashton, getting high paid speaking gigs. And now I listen to a lot of speeches, I watch a lot of speakers and I can tell something really quick when they give a story I follow it, when they don’t give a story I don’t, and not all speakers can do this but I’d love you to tell us, why is storytelling so important to connect with that audience?

Cindy: Yes, so stories in addition to prostitution are the oldest profession in the world.

Tony: Cindy!

Cindy: Do you expect anything else from me common, I’m telling you I am completely Cindy Uncorked, I mean I just say it like it is, but storytelling is really great because first of all if you tell the story in a way that’s powerful, then what happens is first of all in that story you help people to see themselves in that story, when they are able to see themselves in that story then they feel like they can bond to you and relate to you, so that’s part of it, it really brings those emotional anchors. See other reason is that you can have visual anchors, then you get people into their visual centers and their kinesthetic senses and then it becomes an experience and not just you barking at them some information, so it’s a great way to learn information, it’s a great way to emotionally connect, it’s a great way for people to relate to you, for them to drop their defenses and bond with you a lot faster and kinesthetically and visually feel what you’re feeling, it’s so bloody powerful.

Tony: It is, and when I hear a speech and if there’s no story it just doesn’t hold my attention, and if you listen to my speech that I just mentioned earlier, I’ll send you the link as well and I’ll put it in the show notes for the audience because I not only told a story but I acted out part of it as best as possible and it was just, I’ve never had such great audience participation and after the speech, it was amazing, every person was touched, one lady was actually crying, it was like wow, but I’m not going to say more about that. We’re going to talk about speaking here and I know some people struggle and I know some people really want to get speaking gigs and you have an amazing agency, I’ve sent some people to you and every single one has said how professional you are and your company and how great it is to work with you, it’s just amazing 100 percent accolades across and I’d like you to tell our audience here about your booking agency and how you help people speak, get speaking gigs.

Cindy: Yes, so let me kind of back it up around where the challenges are with getting speaking engagements and what people need to be able to do that, that’s the first thing and then we can talk about my booking agency, of course I love talking about that, and Tony thank you for all the referrals, I mean your clients are amazing and all the clients you referred us actually that we represents have already gotten gigs and that’s in a very short time we have represented them.

Tony: That’s fantastic, I love it.

Cindy: Yes, it’s pretty awesome, and they’re all beautifully high paid gigs which is lovely, really exciting. So when it comes to the speaking world, it’s really challenging and that’s because I feel like the education of what speakers are all about it’s just not even out there, and the first thing that somebody needs to do as a speakers is really understand what type of speaker they are, are you a no fee speak to sell speaker which means you don’t get paid, but you’re speaking as a way to build brand awareness, sell your products and services, give you visibility or are you a paid speaker, now a lot of people go listen I want to be a paid speaker, well that’s wonderful but what’s your topics, because what people don’t realize is that the high page and I’m talking three, four or five thousand dollars and more the high paid speaking is specifically for corporations like at the corporate level, as well as trade associations, trade industries that kind of thing, so a lot of people who want to be speakers are like I need to monetize my speaking but their topics are around self-help or for entrepreneurs those markets don’t pay, those conferences just don’t, they’re the no-fee speak to sell conferences unless it’s like a major conference and at that point you have to be pretty well-known as a speaker to get those high pay, and there’s been this trend in the last few years around paying to speak at these events not even doing it for free, paying to actually be there.

So the first thing is you have to understand what type of speaker are you and so there’s a lot of people who say I have overcome abuse, I’ve overcome divorce, I’ve overcome cancer and that’s amazing and you should be really proud of yourself but how does that relate to corporate, what is your expertise in helping them shift their productivity, their bottom line, their sales, their management style like their retention levels all that stuff, you need to be able to, if you want the paid speaking you have to figure out a way to make your topic sexy for them, to solve a problem for them, so sometimes I find people in the entrepreneurial and the personal development space can do the transition over and we’ve certainly as a booking agency, we’ve certainly helped our speakers to do that, some of our speakers have done very well in the entrepreneurial space and we’ve been able to reposition them for trades where those trades are like entrepreneurs, like financial services or franchises or network marketers, those big companies do pay, so that’s the first thing, you want me to keep going?

Tony: That’s great, I’m taking notes, please more, Cindy, we all want high-paying speaking gigs keep going.

Cindy: You need to make your expertise and your content relevant to corporate and trade associations okay, so that’s the first step, then you need to figure out within all of that, within the entrepreneurial space, within the corporate space, whatever your space is personal development, wellness whatever, what is your vertical and everybody kind of goes whoa what does she mean by vertical?

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Tony: I remember when I first heard that many years ago like huh what?

Cindy: I know, I did the same thing back in the day, so a vertical is essentially your market, your niche and the reason why you want to know this is because it’s much easier for you to be able to find speaking engagements if you are fully aware of what the niche is and what the specific problems are in that niche, so because I know myself inside out literally I’m going to use myself as an example, so let’s say even though presentation skills can be spoken about in every possible conference you can ever imagine right unless it’s for like climate change or something, I wouldn’t want to do about climate change that’s not my expertise but let’s do it please, so let’s say that I decide well I’m going to do a campaign to get bookings, I’m going to be really efficient, I’m going to choose two verticals or two niches, let’s do attorneys and let’s do financial services, so what you would do all of you would decide on the two different verticals that you’re going to do and then you’re going to do some research on that vertical to find out the specific problems that they’re having that you can solve and in what way.

So for example if I was pitching for a financial services my pitch would be only 14% of your industry are women because they hate the male style of selling and all that pushing and 100 calls a day right, that’s the problem and then I would go on to say TV personality like I don’t pitch myself anymore I have a team to do it but TV personality and Broadway performance whatever right, we’ll teach your advisers how they can be personable and use storytelling as a way to authentically engage their clients, so instead of saying let me help them overcome the stress of a sales conversation that doesn’t really read right, so I’m very specific about the fact that it’s women and there’s not very many of them and they need to be able to sell in a way that’s not the male style which is more authentic conversational, so that’s why I’m teaching the storytelling skills and how to be personable. Now if we look at attorneys my pitch would be different, my pitch would be you have great attorneys on staff but they don’t know how to close a sale and unless they’re bringing in prospects they can’t rise up to partner and they can’t help you raise up your bottom line, totally different pitches but it’s kind of the same thing but I’m repositioning it, so then I would go on to talk about again how I’m able to help them with presenting skills so they can go to a networking and be more personable and use storytelling as a way to nurture clients and close them, so my solution is the same thing I’m teaching the same bloody thing, but I’ve pitched them completely differently based on the problems that they’re having.

Tony: I got you and I want to make one thing very clear for our Revenue Crew audience and that is, again if you are thinking of speaking, if you are a speaker, if you want to speak or whatever, Cindy you have a program that actually to a degree that takes someone up to the level of professionalism that you need to be able to place them?

Cindy: Yes, so let’s kind of talk about that, so there’s really two options there might be people listening that goes, hey Cindy I’ve been speaking for years, I already am an expert in my field, my content is solid, my stage delivery solid, I’ve got a track record but I need to increase my bookings or bureaus aren’t really doing it for me, I’m just sitting on their list and getting a couple, so if you’re already at the professional level, then absolutely go on our website check out what we do, in a nutshell we create customized campaigns and give you a team of people to sell you, we give you a dedicated sales person, a lead generation strategist, a positioning marketing strategist like we have an entire team working on your campaign dedicated to you it’s a small monthly fee plus a percentage that we take.

Tony: And that site Cindy is CindyAshton.com?

Cindy: Nope, CindyAshton.com is my main website for me, my brand, but thank you for promoting that, that is speakerstardom.com but for those of you who are listening going this is really cool she kind of knows her stuff around getting these paid bookings and how to pitch, I want to be able to get represented but I know I need training, then you can go to my other website where I do trainings and that would be yourpersuasivevoice.com

Tony: Is there one site where people could go to for all of it?

Cindy: Yes, I mean if they go to speakerstardom.com yes, if it makes it easy go to speakerstardom.com you can connect with one of our team and say I need training and realistically you would probably fill out an application and we would do an analysis of where you’re at, where you need to go, so we have all kinds of tools to help you to figure that out because a lot of people go, a lot of my clients would come to me and they go Cindy I’m a really great speaker but I’m not getting paid to speak and I’ll be like that’s awesome and then I would look at their platform and I’m like well this is really working for you but this is why you’re not getting paid to speak and they’re like oh but we don’t know what we don’t know it’s really hard to assess ourselves, so we actually have an assessment that they can take, we have different tools, so just go to that website peruse it, go to the contact page email say hey I’m interested in training how do I get an assessment that kind of thing or how do I get a book to all that good stuff.

Tony: I got it, so I want this firmly impressed in everyone in the Revenue Crew audience in your mind, speakerstardom.com that is the place to go to find out about speaking, speaking gigs also you can go to Cindyashton.com A-S-H-T-O-N and by the way Cindy at speakerstardom.com can they actually contact you and ask you a question or say hey I heard you on Revenue Chat with a question?

Cindy: Well that would go to my team, but if you join in our Facebook group, so if you are on Facebook go to speaker stardom booking agency put that out in the search box and then join our Facebook group and then I interact there publicly, otherwise everything goes through my team.

Tony: Say that one more time slowly on the Facebook group.

Cindy: Speaker stardom booking agency, if you put that in the chat box or the search box in Facebook, then you can join that group and you can ask me questions and interact personally with me.

Tony: I love it, thank you for sharing all that and one more thing, we got a minute and a half we’re Italian, well we’re not Italian but…

Cindy: I could speak in Italian.

Tony: You could speak Italian, that’s good, I want to hear about your TV show Cindy Uncorked before we go and what made you do that, so take it away Cindy.

Cindy: So I’ve got one minute to tell you this, Cindy Uncorked is accumulation of my entire life work, where I get to be both the entertainer and performer, as well as the speaker and the person delivering great education, so it’s a talk show and we really go into provocative topics, we really like to push boundaries, we like to go deeper on topics and that’s a whole other show with you Tony, so essentially if you want to check it out you can go to Roku, Apple TV, Amazon fire, put in the app E 360 TV and then you can search for my show there or just go to E360tv.com my show is there and you can even watch it from your Smart TV.

Tony: Sounds great and I’ll be joining you soon on Amazon fire, Apple, Roku and others very soon with the Tony Durso TV show and I thank you for every gold nugget of advice and wisdom you’ve given me on that Cindy, I thank you so much.

Cindy: You’re very welcome darling, lots of love and hugs and thank you to all of you listening, it’s been a joy.

Tony: Well alright, once again Cindy Ashton talking about getting high paid speaking gigs and yes, you can really do it, she is taking care of 100% of the people that I’ve sent her way and they’re all super happy, go to speakerstardom.com if you get lost go to CindyAshton.com that’s a little joke and I want to thank you again it was great and you’ll see it all in the show notes, thank you so much Cindy.

Cindy: Thank you Tony.

Tony: Thank you everyone and stay tuned to our next show on Revenue Chat.

Tony: Stick around in just another moment I’m going to tell you about something I really love, if you like this interview would you kindly give me a review on iTunes, it’s the purple icon on your Apple device, a sentence or two is just fine, thanks in advance. Our next episode is with Rob Kessler, inventor of million-dollar collar.

Tony: Hi, Tony here with a quick word about getting you discovered, do you want a lot of people checking out your sales page, your branding page, your podcast like many people are you just trying to do it all yourself or maybe get by with a virtual assistant or two, are you taking webinars, seminars and workshops to learn how to grow your social media and how to bring visitors to your site or are you downloading free eBooks, buying books, buying classes, doing this and that just to learn how to get more sales, more people, more exposure, we all do and it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be for some is it, it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of effort, it takes a lot of training, I’ve written books on this and I’m helping others get a lot of visitors to their web pages and podcasts and I mean thousands and thousands every month, check it out go to tonydurso.com/grow that’s Tony D-U-R-S-O.com/G-R-O-W and get discovered.

Tony: Here’s a story about something I really love, what do I love? Well as mentioned in the last episode, here’s an event that happened a few months later and just before that let me get into a refresher, there’s a Japanese hunting dog called the Akita who’s one generation away from a wolf, the Akitas are bear hunter, two of them can hold back a bear, they can stalk and take down animals several times their size, now let me tell you about the wolf in my dog, his name is Ronin and I got him at nine weeks and he was about thirty pounds, Ronin is pure white in at seven years old he went up to about a hundred forty pounds, to give you a size comparison at five years his red and cream-colored grandfather, weighed a hundred and fifty pounds with a giant head and he looked like a small lion. Now Akitas are naturally territorial and aggressive and they come with one warning, they are natural guard dogs, don’t train them further or you will lose them as a pet forever.

Akitas think like a wolf and they will challenge you over and over, if you say no today they’ll come back again and again to test you another day, well I put mine through a series of private and group training while also heavily socializing him. It took years to make Ronin realize that he’s not the alpha of the family, like a wolf he would take the spot the moment you relax, now at the time of this story Ronin had been with five different trainers and he was the most friendly, loving dog anyone had ever seen, even Akita owners, Ronin had dog friends of all sizes, well one day before Ronin tore his ACL after having a series of five training classes including advanced obedience school, my wife was walking him down the street, well one of our neighbors has four black labs and a hush puppy dog, a basset hound, our neighbor parked her car in the street and walked into her house carrying groceries, she left the door open while she went back and forth to her car, her dog pack of five dogs seeing Ronin came running out on their own, cross the street and went straight for Ronin, now Ronin seeing five dogs running to greet him was probably quite happy, I wasn’t there but I can only imagine that his tail was wagging and that he was thinking he was in for a delight, here’s five doggies coming to say hello is probably what he was thinking, unfortunately that did not happen, the four black labs took him down and bit him up in a few places, meanwhile the hush puppy was there to inspect the damage, however Ronin with his thick coat only one bite on his leg drew any blood with that Ronin immediately got on his feet and confronted the attackers realizing now that he had been tricked, it happened so fast that my wife didn’t have a chance to do anything and after all what could she do? The neighbor quickly came and took her dogs away.

Now Ronin was upset and changed from then on he became the aggressive Akita. If he didn’t know you and you came up closed to him, he would bark so loudly that it would hurt your ears literally, he was now on guard with any dog he saw especially large ones, he was fine with little dogs but no longer friends with anything larger than perhaps thirty pounds or so. Ronin changed then and there, all the years of training to socialize him went down the drain. He got defensive with every large dog he saw. Now next I’m going to tell you about one of the most amazing stories about Ronin’s first vacation in our Jeep Wrangler when he met some wolves in the wild, yes really and you won’t believe this story, stay tuned and by the way, I love my Jeep and hey, it’s a Jeep not a car and if you’re on my Facebook page at Tony S. Durso, S for Salvadore, TonySDurso you’ll see some photos there under my album labeled what I love. Alright, stay tuned for the wolf in my dog on the next episode of Revenue Chat.

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= The Tony DUrso Show = Showcasing Influencers | Celebrities | Masterpreneurs. 

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