EP152. Jordan Goodman: America’s Money Answers Man!

Jordan Goodman is well-known as America’s Money Answers Man. He’s the host of the Money Answers Radio Show; he’s written 13 books on financial topics including the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, Fast Profits in Hard Times and Master Your Debt; he was the Wall Street correspondent at MONEY Magazine for 18 years; and […]

Jordan Goodman - America's Money Answers Man

Jordan Goodman provides free resource after resource that allows you to earn more with your money; find the best deals with rebates, frequent flyer miles, Disney points; provide loans based on your cash-flow not assets; cash in unused insurance policies instead of letting them lapse; refinance your car at rates and interest that you want and a whole lot more. Amazing references. Jordan helps you save tons, check it out at moneyanswersman.com/revenuechat.


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