EP152. Jordan Goodman: America’s Money Answers Man!

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Jordan Goodman is well-known as America’s Money Answers Man. He’s the host of the Money Answers Radio Show; he’s written 13 books on financial topics including the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, Fast Profits in Hard Times and Master Your Debt; he was the Wall Street correspondent at MONEY Magazine for 18 years; and he’s a frequent guest on radio and TV shows across America. 


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  • A great list of accomplishments for for Jordan Goodman at moneyanswersman.com/revenuechat.
  • Jordan takes us on a quick recap of how he became America’s Money Answers Man.
  • He’s all about journalism that really helps people (not the political mudslinging).
  • These resources help transform people’s lives in paying off their mortgage, earning high yield on their money and so forth.
  • There’s a lot of people who need help. They have money; they have a business, but they don’t have an advisor.
  • Here’s some info on making interest on your money.
  • Where can businesses earn a decent yield on their money instead of keeping it in the bank earning 0%.
  • This is the saver’s dilemma. If you keep your money in the bank, you’re going to earn 0 on checking and savings, and less than 1% on CD’s.
  • Interest rates on loans keep rising, but interest on saving does not. This means you will lose.
  • This is what Jordan does: SecuredRealEstateFunds.com. Earn 8% per year. This has a long term track record. Call them at 888-444-2102.
  • This is called a regulation A+ fund which has been around for 2 years.
  • This fund is authorized by the Jobs Act of 2012. $5000 minimum and 8% per year.
  • How business owners can take full advantage of the new tax law that was passed in December 2017.
  • Jordan talks about the “pass through entity.” The first 20% of your income is deductible.
  • Here’s some info about instant write off on any capital expenditures.
  • A sole proprietor can also do this and doesn’t have to be a corporation.
  • Small businesses are doing this to save money on taxes and investing more in their business.
  • Big businesses had their corporate tax rate go down from 35% 5o 21%.
  • Here are the best way for business owners to get the best credit cards with the most perks and rebates and lower rates.
  • Here’s a great strategy by Jordan Goodman to maximize the benefits you get from some of your cards.
  • Here’s a free website to find all the best deals for your scenario: GuideToCreditCard.com For businesses and individuals.
  • Get rebates as much as 5% back, Frequent Flyer miles, Disney Points, and a lot more.
  • How to line up alternative financing if banks turn you down for a business loan?
  • This has made it very difficult for small businesses to get loans.—Jordan has a solution around this.
  • There are some good and bad alternative financing methods for businesses. Here are some good ones.
  • Here’s a clearing house that will evaluate you based on cash-flow and not on assets. CorporateLendingSolutions.com or call 800-261-6478.
  • Jordan clearly explains why today’s modern businesses have a hard time getting loans. Simple.
  • Jordan Goodman tells about some bad financing methods and why they aren’t good for your business.
  • These types of loans are terrible for your small business.
  • The never-ending type of loans that hurt your business.
  • How business owners can sell an unneeded life insurance policy for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the life settlement market instead of letting it lapse worthless.
  • There’s a free website to find out about this: FundingLife.com or call 877-485-6681.
  • This avoids the problem of kids moving in with their parents, or parents moving in with their kids.
  • The best way for business owners to buy cars and refinance car loans where the payments are too high for their budgets.
  • There are ways to refinance your car loan. Here’s a free site: MyLoanGen.com. Put in how many months to go, your interest rate, how much you owe, value of the car, and you can pick the payment that you want!
  • This is way of getting the car payment and the interest rate down.
  • Here’s a car buying service that shops around the country to get you the best deal. Go to CarQ.com or call 800-517-2277.
  • America’s public services business people, also referred to as Heros, can save a huge amount on their mortgages when buying and selling a home. (Heroes are defined as present and past police, fire, first responders, teachers, military, clergy, doctors and dentists and other medical professionals.)
  • Go to HeroesComeFirst.com. Get back 1/4 of the real estate commission, discount on title insurance fees, a lower interest rate on the mortgage, closing costs are cut and more. Call them at 800-272-5626.
  • Some programs give a $7500 grant to use for your downpayment on a house.
  • How business owners can negotiate down large unreimbursed medical bills.
  • Here’s a secret about health care providers.
  • How about 80% or so off your bill? Check out HealthCareAdvocates.com or call 215-735-7711.
  • Here’s Jordan Goodman’s personal drive and motivation at moneyanswersman.com/revenuechat.



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Jordan Goodman provides free resource after resource that allows you to earn more with your money; find the best deals with rebates, frequent flyer miles, Disney points; provide loans based on your cash-flow not assets; cash in unused insurance policies instead of letting them lapse; refinance your car at rates and interest that you want and a whole lot more. Amazing references. Jordan helps you save tons, check it out at moneyanswersman.com/revenuechat.


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