EP150. Daven Michaels: Achieving Results Beyond Mastery!

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Some facts about Daven Michaels: CEO of 123 Employee; operates a highly-successful Mastery Retreat for gifted entrepreneurs and marketers; his book, Outsource Smart is on the top of the Bestseller lists of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times & #1 Amazon Bestseller; an advocate for the small business owner; shared the stage with such notables as Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Gary V, and many others; and the list of great accomplishments goes on!


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  • A great list of accomplishments for Daven Michaels at DavenMichaels.com and 123employee.com/s.
  • Daven talks about he fell into the business as a result of an opportunity.
  • This one factor is what entrepreneurs are always open to!
  • Can you believe he produced music and television in a former life?
  • Daven’s business took off fast: 123Employee has over 550 employees on 3 continents.
  • They do all the “busy work” for businesses such as back office, internet marketing, social media, customer service and so on.
  • They have 3 campuses and one is a building which they built (their flagship office).
  • What kind of education do overseas ‘virtual assistants’ have? How knowledgeable are they?
  • The vast amount of employees is they have some college under their belt.
  • Can you imagine, they process 100 people a day applying for work!
  • How much money can an employer save by staffing overseas?
  • Daven’s company saves businesses a signifiant amount through low-cost per-hour employees, as well as providing office furniture, phone, supplies, etc.
  • Businesses also save on their phone bill, insurance and on taxes.
  • You can pay with your credit cards and receive points—an added perk.
  • For the solopreneur and small business owner, it helps to not have the employees, while still getting all the work done.
  • There are a lot of virtual entrepreneurs in the world today. Having VA’s (virtual employees) helps you travel and live the lifestyle you want.
  • VA’s also help you work just about anywhere you want.
  • What kind of tasks can outsourced employees do?
  • The list of what these employees can do is amazing—it’s a long list.—Very little they don’t do.
  • Simply put, 123Employee can do anything you need aside from advanced web work or copyrighting. And with that, they have professionals they use to get that work done.
  • The big challenge in a business is scaling. Daven’s got that covered.
  • If you run out of things for your VA, Daven has an Outsourcing Blueprint membership site that uploads weekly strategies with info on how to expand and grow your business.
  • What about trust and security in using a VA?
  • Daven gives a thorough rundown on how they run security for your company’s data, customers and info.
  • There is a great password protection company called LastPass which Daven’s company uses.
  • How do you monitor the work of your Virtual Assistant? Check this out.
  • Some great info here about Daven’s highly successful mastery retreat for gifted entrepreneurs and marketers. MasteryRetreats.com.
  • Dave has many 1000s of affiliates sending them business on a daily basis.
  • In this mastery retreat Daven and others work to take each person’s business to the next level. He gives a bit of detail on this.
  • Helping others grow their business is what Daven has the most fun and enjoys the most.
  • Some info on Daven’s great bestselling book, Outsource Smart.
  • What drives Daven Michaels, at DavenMichaels.com & 123employee.com/s what juices him. This is cool.


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Daven Michaels takes us into the world of Virtual Assistants, whose company can do just about anything that you can think of to grow your business. We dissect and take this apart and I am very impressed. Check it out. 


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