EP149. Peter Gantner: Collaborating to Launch Your Business!

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Some facts about Peter Gantner: The combined wholesale sales from his previous traditional companies were more than $70 million in the US market alone; in home based business, his sales exceed $40million; he’s featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and every major newspaper in Arizona, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York Times, and that list goes on; he’s listed as Entrepreneur Magazine’s fastest-growing company in 1999 with Toy Craze, hitting $16.6 million that year; he’s the founder of KulaBrands, which has over 4500 members and has helped over 28 entrepreneurs launch their dream business and the list goes on!



  • A great list of accomplishments for Peter Gantner at KulaBrands.
  • You may like to go on vacations for fun, but you’ll never guess what Peter likes to do for fun! (I feel the same way too!)
  • Guess at what age Peter started being an entrepreneur? I would have never guessed this. Check it out.
  • A little story by Peter on working in the home-based business industry and how he solved issues. Clever.
  • The start of the reverse-royalty through community participation model. Very cool. And it’s patented!
  • Here’s a way to start your own business, collaborate with others, and benefit from each other’s work. Brilliant.
  • The start of the KulaBrands model is brought up.
  • Entrepreneurs benefit from others marketing your products—make that a lot of others!
  • Can you believe that entrepreneurs get off the ground with their own products without having to sell equity in their company? Have a listen on how it’s done.
  • This system moves people at a much faster pace than someone can do on their own. Much faster.
  • You don’t need to find wealthy investors anymore with this model.
  • How important is collaboration to the future of business?
  • Collaborative model: the best way to stay ahead of the game. It’s the collective intelligence.
  • Guess what? It helps you manage cash flow. That means less money is needed to get your business started. Learn how.
  • Inventors listen up. There are 3 things that kulabrands does for you. You’ll love this!
  • Inventors: Do you want the initial funding to develop your idea? How about the branding and marketing? And how about help with sales? Check it out.
  • How is kulabrands different than other business that help people launch products?
  • Zero money up front to develop your idea? This is unheard of!
  • Kulabrands has a 100% success track record in funding projects.
  • Don’t think you can market? Check this out and be surprised.
  • Who gets paid now for your branding influence? You or someone else?
  • Are you letting other people leverage you, or are you leveraging yourself?
  • Interesting in building lifetime residual income (easily), check this out re the kulabrands model.
  • Don’t like to sell? Don’t have time to sell? You’re a one-man operation? No problem, listen to this.
  • Why is crowdfunding the best way to fund the launch of a project?
  • Imagine people actually walking your product into stores and getting the placed, all over the country. I like that!
  • Imagine people taking your product into home shows, carnivals, festivals and so forth. This is an army!
  • Kulabrands helps with the funding, getting the product developed, helps with the branding and marketing, and then helps start generating revenue.
  • Then KulaBrands works with you to take your product into the mass market.
  • Kulabrands goes further. It’s not just the financial support, the sales support and the branding and marketing. Listen up.
  • It’s the strength of a community that gets a lot done. Amazing teamwork here with Kulabrands.
  • What thoughts do you have about the importance of a participatory economy and how does collaboration fit in with it?
  • They use the borrowed phrase, “a rising tide raises all ships.”
  • Here’s how the working person can make residual income.
  • Even if you are not an inventor, you can earn income from this community by just doing things you normally, and already do!
  • There’s no recruiting in the KulaBrands model. I like that.
  • It’s like enjoying the benefits of being an entrepreneur while continuing on with your day job, and letting someone else do most of the work, while you profit.
  • The goal at Kulabrands is to help 1000 entrepreneurs launch their companies on a global scale!
  • Find out more at KulaBrands and reach out to us to find out more. This is great.


Peter Gantner gives a stimulating look into the world of his brainchild, Kulabrands, which helps entrepreneurs launch their dream business in a much easier, friendly and profitable environment, while also letting virtually everybody (that means you) make residual income simply by doing what they do everyday on social media. It’s quite brilliant at KulaBrands. Check it out.


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