EP148. Mitch Russo: Creating Accountability Partnerships!

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Some facts about Mitch. He’s the author of the #1 bestseller, The Invisible Organization: How Ingenious CEOs are Creating Thriving, Virtual Companies; co-founder of Timeslips Corp, which grew to become the largest time tracking software company in the world before it was sold in 1998; past president of Business Breakthroughs with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins with nearly 300 people and about $25M in sales; and he’s now rocking it at Resultsbreakthrough.com helping to create accountability partnerships.


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  • Here’s a great list of accomplishments as Mitch Russo now rocks it at Results Breakthrough at tonydurso.com/results.
  • What is an accountability partner?
  • Here’s some great motivation on getting things done!
  • Do you see less people reading actual books?
  • Are you more involved in watching videos and social media?
  • Are you completing the courses and classes that you purchase or even get free?
  • Some facts from MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses that have gone mainstream.
  • Do you know what percentage of people who start a class, don’t finish it? You’ll be surprised at the answer!
  • A majority of people who register for a class, don’t take it.
  • Guess what percentage of people who finish a class, then go on to sign up for another one?
  • Mitch answers why do so many people have difficulty completing their course, whether it’s free or purchased?
  • Are you guilty of that shiny object syndrome?
  • Over the past 5 years, the Internet has been the place to sell a course.
  • When you buy a course, do you find you are still making payments while not finishing it?
  • I talk about my last course, which I haven’t finished, even though I had a 100% track record of finishing them before.
  • Mitch brings up a great point on helping me finish my course. Oh my!
  • Do you need any support? Can you literally do everything yourself?
  • Out of all my interviews, guess how many I found that have a perfect life?
  • Do you have a mentor?
  • Do you know that most successful people have mentors? So why not get some help to finish your course? What a great idea.
  • Do you know the author, Daniel Pink? His new book is called, When.
  • Mitch reads a small paragraph from Daniel Pink’s new book
  • Are you getting stuff done? Are you making more money? Are you loosing more weight?…
  • Mitch tells a story he hasn’t stated before. It goes back to High School…
  • This is eerie. Listen as Mitch tells about the phone call…
  • A great tie-in to Mitch’s new company, Results Breakthrough.
  • Listen to this about the ten-minute mentor!
  • Do you have any classes that you created? Mitch gives the 411 on how you can help people to complete those classes and get the benefits that you are trying to train them about.
  • Mitch offers to give you the program for free so that others can actually finish your classes. More info at tonydurso.com/results.
  • Mitch takes us through examples and scenarios of how his system works. Brilliant. I love it!
  • Do you have a class you want people to finish and get all the benefits of? Just ask your friend Mitch and he’ll set it up for you!
  • You don’t need to have a class or do a class to use this system as it works with any goal you have that you want to achieve. Very smart.
  • If you have a good idea for a class and need help, just ask Mitch who can connect you with some good people for this.
  • Again, a great interview with Mitch Russo at Results Breakthrough at tonydurso.com/results.


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Mitch Russo created an amazing, yet simple, mentor-type system that in minutes a week, can help you accomplish any goal you set out to do. Be it lose weight, launch a new business, finish that class you took, and so forth. It’s quite brilliant. I love the simple easy concept. Check out the interview and use the system for free at tonydurso.com/results.


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