EP147. Dom Faussette: Creating Vulnerable Leaders!

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Dom Faussette says: I was violent, angry, depressed and became suicidal on the verge of homicidal. I was approximately two and half pounds in to a 5.5 lbs trigger pull when I realized I was not put on earth to take lives, but to save them. I was a COP. Coaching saved my life. Through coaching, I was meeting and exceeding life goals in short periods of time. I’m married to my dream woman, I’ve raced my dream bike (Ducati), I’ve excelled in the corporate arena with 3 Fortune 500 banks. As a Speaker, coaching never crossed my mind. Then a gentleman who practically begged me to coach him as he was on the brink of losing everything approached me.  Shortly thereafter, I dove into the world of Professional Coaching and got certified to Coach.


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  • What made Dom Faussette at ThinkReactLead.com get into the business world of coaching businesses?
  • What is a vulnerable leader? How is that different from authenticity?
  • Seeing executives go out on stretchers, due to their job pressures, while he was a cop, had an impact on him.
  • Dom Faussette describes how the more he became comfortable, the more he became vulnerable in a good way.
  • After leaving the police force, Dom found people coming to him with their problems once they learned of his police and military background.
  • When you jump into leadership, there is a struggle for this…
  • Dom says vulnerable leadership allows them to share who they are in the workplace, home, grocery store, etc.
  • The disconnect happens when you try to be someone different at work, as opposed to at home.
  • Dom talks about trust and character.
  • You won’t believe what was happening for 6 months to one of Don’s employees in the past! Can you believe someone would do that?
  • Do you know people who just “deal with things” and come to work with a fake smile, like this?
  • Some info about first-responders and what it’s like.
  • Did you ever think you could be saving someone’s life simply by greeting them?
  • Dom Faussette shares incidents and stories about his prior law enforcement days.
  • Some great information here on getting a coach and what that does.
  • Talking about Dom Faussette’s purpose. What makes him do what he does now?
  • Dom bares some close and personal info about before, and after being in law enforcement.
  • Dom tells how he got higher paying jobs on a constant basis, and it just got too easy for him.
  • He won a speech contest telling a story about this. Oh my.
  • A little segue on some of the goals Dom has achieved, such as racing his dream bike.
  • Here’s some advice and takeaways from Dom, who makes it look easy.
  • What’s that thing that wakes you up at 2:17 a.m.?
  • Listen to this great advice from Dom!
  • Here’s the best type of coach that you should hire.
  • The ideal client or business that Dom likes to work with.
  • Here are some great successes of people who got a coach.
  • Dom discusses the ideal leader. I still find it hard to believe. Listen and see.


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Dom Faussette provides a deep insightful view into the world of coaching, business and leadership. Take it from someone who’s accomplished every goal he set out to achieve so far. The stories and takeaways here are great and profound. And he lays it on the line on why you need a coach or mentor to succeed, and he goes further and describes the best type of coach that is ideal for you. Check it out.


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