EP145. Hank Moore: Why Good Businesses Go Bad?

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Some facts about Hank Moore: His new book “Non-Profit Legends” has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize! He’s been inducted into 7, that’s 7 halls of fame. Including, get this, the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame. He’s listed with some of the most famous high-profile business people in the world such as Peter Drucker, Tom Peters and Steven Covey. He’s been to multiple world economic summits, and the list goes on.

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  • What made Hank Moore get into the business world of economy and finance? HankMoore.com.
  • He had the incredible luck to be at a radio station owned by an upcoming preseident! Lyndon Johnson.
  • At age ten Hank Moore interviewed the most famous person in the world in music. Elvis Presley.
  • Hank Moore become a policy person and went from being a DJ to a White House Advisor at the age of 16!
  • Mentored and hanging out with Lady Byrd Johnson, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Rosevelt, and others.
  • About Hank Moore’s book, Nonprofit Legends. The business of running and maximizing non profit organizations.
  • In Washington, in the White House, he focused on civil rights, environmental, international trade and the world’s fair.
  • From the White House, Hank Moore went into corporate America and has had 5000 clients! Astounding.
  • Hank Moore advised 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Why can a good business go bad?
  • Harvard business schools tell us that only 2% of companies have a strategic plan!
  • A lot of “good” companies may be fooling themselves thinking that everything is going.
  • Hank Moore is happy to do an institutional review on any business.
  • Research tells us 66.6% of most businesses cannot go any further in their growth.
  • Hank Moore has written 10 books so far, with 1 coming out, and 3 more planned after that.
  • Check out this advice that Walt Disney gave 17 year-old Hank Moore at a presidential inauguration.
  • A great look at crisis management preparedness. Great advice from Hank Moore.
  • More businesses spend 6 times more each year cleaning up mistakes they make in business.
  • Research tells us that 1/3 of our gross domestic product is committed to cleaning up mistakes!
  • Hank Moore tells us a story on crisis management for a very large firm. Johnson & Johnson and Tylenol. Great story.
  • Hank also tells about a Girl Scout’s cookie crisis that he worked on.
  • Here are some common mistakes made by small businesses.
  • Hank Moore has a concept endorsed by Peter Drucker: The Business Tree, which you can get at hankmoore.com as well as all the other book places.
  • Here’s a list of great bullet points on what you need to do to grow your business.
  • Hank Moore’s latest book is The Big Picture of Business. More at hankmoore.com.


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Hank Moore provides an invigorating conversation about business, crisis management, how to run your business, about strategy, and so many other points. Most of all “think a bigger picture” and don’t be afraid to change. You gotta listen to a master who’s advised 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. Great insights and information for any business of any size.


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