EP144. Peter Hug: Is Gold A Good Investment?

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Peter began his career in the foreign exchange and precious metals markets in 1974 with one of Canada’s largest dealers. With a short hiatus in the 90’s Peter is actively involved in the metals markets, not only as a trader but as a consultant responsible for establishing two of the largest foreign exchange services in Canada and metals dealers from as far away as New Zealand. Currently Peter is responsible for the trading operations of Kitco Metals, one of North America’s largest retail dealer in metals.

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  • Here’s how it all started for Peter Hug at kitco.com.
  • His story of how he got into the business is quite unusual.
  • How much gold is mined every year?
  • What’s the current and future demand for gold?
  • Gold investments are pretty much the same since 1979 except for ETFs.
  • What’s the psychology of gold? Why do people buy it?
  • There are 4 groups to know about in regards to gold.
  • Gold Group 1 are the “fatalists.” The world is coming to an end type group. And they may be right! You can also call it the fear group.
  • Gold Group 1 is responsible for the upticks in gold. They are not price sensitive. This is 20% of the market.
  • Gold Group 2 is the conservative investor. We discuss their real purpose to have gold in their portfolio.
  • Gold Group 3 are the traders. This is most of the big non-physical activity on the market. Good insight is provided on this group.
  • Gold Group 4 are the collectors. We talk about the purpose of this group. They take a considerable amount of gold off the market.
  • Which group do you identify with?
  • Based on your gold group, Peter Hug gives insight on each one.
  • How much gold is mined currently?
  • Did you know that most of the key gold mines have limited reserves?
  • You’ll never guess how much gold was coined in Canada and the US in recent years.
  • Peter Hug gives a somewhat shocking point of view of what he expects gold to do in 2018. Check this out.
  • Here are some of the better and easiest options for the common person to acquire gold.
  • Did you know you can buy gold out of the country and have it safely secured for you? Listen to this?
  • Did you also know that you can buy gold and have your identity kept private?
  • To find out more about gold, get further educated, and to even speak with Peter, you can check out kitco.com.
  • You can also email Peter at phug@kitco.com who will give you the best answer possible.
  • A little discussion here on events you should be concerned about that can affect gold, and the price of gold.



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Peter Hug provides a detailed analysis on gold, the pros and cons, and he answers the big question: is gold a good investment. You will be surprised at the current and recent history of gold. Listen to hear the future of gold from an expert who has been in this field for decades. And, Peter gives a somewhat shocking point of view of what he expects gold to do in 2018. Check this out.


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