EP142. Rico Caveglia: How To Be Bold & Never Be Old!

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Rico is an author, inventor, athlete, speaker and seminar leader with 35 years experience as a personal health and fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. Training some of San Diego’s most prominent citizens, he is the creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle, The Vitality Stick home fitness training system for people 40+, The Be Bold Never Be Old Online Wellness Club, author of 17 health and longevity books including Ageless Living and Real Food Real Fast. And he is a multi Gold and Silver Medalist in the California State Senior Olympics.

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  • Here’s how it all started for Rico Caveglia at BeBoldNeverBeOld.com.
  • Did you know the average life expectancy age has actually gone down?
  • What’s your lifestyle like? Do you think lifestyle has anything to do with your age? The answers here are surprising.
  • Rico unveils his ageless living lifestyle.
  • He looks 30-35 and you will not guess his real age, which is over double that!
  • What do we mean by “bold” in this show’s title?
  • A serious mindset shift is needed here if you want to live longer.
  • Are you buying into “being old?”
  • How can you take control of your life?
  • Are you allowing yourself to be weak?
  • Being old, or aging, does not mean to fall apart…
  • Good discussion here about muscle memory and muscle loss.
  • How to add a little bit more to increase in something, like exercise.
  • Aging is a natural process and can’t be stopped, but there is a way to deal with it.
  • Anti-aging is the wrong terminology; this name should not be used.
  • About the Ageless Living Lifestyle.
  • Rico discusses 3 strategies on ageless living.
  • A great new diet that ends all diets: The 7 Word Diet.
  • There is no need to spend hours in the gym. Listen to this.
  • You don’t need to beat yourself up; just be consistent.
  • The most amazing endurance muscle: the heart.
  • Using your own body weight. Functional fitness.
  • The most important thing: sleep, and why.
  • Did you know you get energy from sleeping? Surprise.
  • The CAN Strategy.
  • How to really, literally and truly look and feel younger. Lots of takeaways here.
  • Workout: Even a 20 minute walk is a great workout for us armchair philosophers. You’ll immediately start feeling better.
  • About water. Really check this out.
  • Some sort of aerobic activity every day is great to do. Vary it.
  • A true measure of your age is how flexible you are. Go through some basic stretches.
  • Great stuff here on stretching.
  • Rico shares his motivation and purpose. Why he does what he does at BeBoldNeverBeOld.com.


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Rico Caveglia gives a highly stimulating and intelligent talk on what aging really is all about and he discloses his full Be Bold and Never Be Old system. Just take one look at his picture and realize he looks 50 years younger than he really is. Lots of great information here that you really should start on now, no matter what your age is.—You want to live a long, healthy prosperous life? Then listen to this and start on it!


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