EP138. Michael Kimelman: How To Restart Your Life And Succeed!

Michael Kimelman is a dynamic speaker, bestselling author and executive coach with a diverse background and inspiring, insightful lessons on overcoming personal and professional challenges. From global CEOs, to at-risk and formerly incarcerated youth in his hometown, Michael’s mission is to share these lessons and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Formerly an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell, he was the Founder & Managing Partner of Incremental Capital, a New York based hedge fund. He is currently a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur, launching new ventures in the consumer & FinTech spaces.

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  • Here’s how it all started for Michael Kimelman at MichaelKimelman.com.
  • After a few years as an attorney, he had the FBI at his door. Listen to what happened next!
  • Oh my! A pre-dawn raid with SWAT and bomb-sniffing dogs running around!
  • All this commotion and all this money spent for a political play? Oh my!
  • As he couldn’t operate his business during this, everything basically collapsed.
  • Chatting about his bestselling book: Confessions of a Wall Street Insider—A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds & Banksters.
  • This is the epicenter of the largest insider trading investigation in history.
  • “Ultimately you are responsible for the people you surround yourself with.”
  • Do you take your connections for granted? Listen to this.
  • Are you enjoying your success and life? Or does this scenario come close to yours where you are not happy despite lots of money?
  • Check out this part: when you are not doing something that you should be doing sometimes, this entity may come along and wake things up!
  • A refreshing change of life from seeing how bad things can be. … You should look at your life in this manner with humility and gratitude.
  • In addition to his book, he wrote a sitcom which he sold and also developed a television show.
  • Capital is easy to find these days; it’s the skill and knowledge that’s more important.
  • What he’s done in real estate in just a few years is astounding.
  • Michael also delved into the cryptocurrency space and formalized an advisory firm and a financial newsletter.
  • Discussion on the debilatory nature of fear.
  • Great closing commentary by Michael Kimelman. You gotta listen to this.
  • Wealth isn’t just about money. … Take this to heart.
  • Perspective and gratitude go a long way. Michael Kimelman at MichaelKimelman.com.


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Michael Kimelman provides a refreshing interview on how to lose everything, start from scratch and keep your perspective and faith. And he did it wonderfully, making a fantastic and highly successful comeback. It’s amazing that having sincere humility and gratefulness for what he did have, helped propel him to significant success. Lots of lessons here to learn from in this interview!


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