EP134. Darius Norman: Rewriting Financial Rules!

Darius Norman is a Social Worker and Motivational Speaker with 10 years of experience working with Individuals, Families, and Communities. He obtained his B.A. in Religion from Morris Brown College in 2003 and obtained his Graduate degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University in 2005. It has been his mission since he overcame his own financial ups and downs to empower others with a educational tool to assist them in taking control of their Financial and Credit issues so they can have a secure Financial Future.

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  • Here’s how it all started for Darius Norman at RewritingFinancialRulesLLC.com.
  • Darius had the courage to recognize this aspect in his financial situation and confront it.
  • This relatively simple, but difficult decision, began the complete turn around of his financial status.
  • What inspired you to write your book “Rewriting Financial Rules” and what does that mean?
  • Darius goes into his inner drive and motivation that put him on this path to help other people with his finances.
  • How important is a credit score?
  • Some of us may not worry or care what our credit score is. Here’s a twist to that.
  • Why should you freeze your credit report and what does that mean?
  • Should you enroll in a transactional activity reporting system with your credit cards?
  • How can someone begin to rebuild their credit and increase their credit score?
  • Here is how to easily get your free credit reports.
  • Darius gives some of the common errors that do get made and do affect our credit reports.
  • Did you know most people have inaccuracies on their credit reports?
  • Here are some simple methods to dispute and remove inaccuracies off your credit report.
  • In Darius’ book there are some fast ways to increase your credit score. Find out more at RewritingFinancialRulesLLC.com.
  • How long does it take to repair one’s credit?
  • Why is educating people at an early age so important?
  • What motivates and drives Darius Norman at RewritingFinancialRulesLLC.com.


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Darius Norman made a major change in his life to turn around his financial picture. It was tough, yet he did it. And now, a short time later, he is on top of the world, right side out and financially thriving. It didn’t take long and now Darius teaches others how to do it. Simple fundamental process yet it works like a hot knife through butter. Check this out and turn your life around for the better!!


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