EP132. Jason Treu: How To Create The Highest Performing Culture!

Jason is a top business and executive coach and sales trainer. He’s a leading expert on human behavior, daring leadership and relationship building. At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people.


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  • Here’s how it all started for Jason Treu at JasonTreu.com (pronounced “troy”).
  • It all started with this naive question. You would think that was an easy answer, but turns out otherwise.
  • Little anecdotes here on meeting and working with Mark Cuban and Steve Jobs.
  • “How to build a social life in 30 days or less.” One of his side businesses.
  • He then began working with businesses to help them with their leadership, culture and some of these other business virtues.
  • Jason just completed a TedX speech not too long ago.
  • Bet you don’t think you have any blind spots? I didn’t think so either. Check this out.
  • Jason found out that “change” happens differently than most people think.
  • Amazing: Jason found that performance, leadership and communication were not the basic problems! Check this out!
  • Interesting analogy on why we cannot see our own blind spots.
  • I never thought about this before: Do you get new blind spots when you go to a new level in your life, business or career? Listen to what Jason says!
  • In helping someone who wanted to “sell more” Jason found this other basic problem behind it all!
  • This factor discussed here is a significant impediment, I think everyone will agree.
  • If you don’t take care of this particular point, it’s going to cost you way more money than you think.
  • Here are some great points on building extraordinary relationships.
  • This is where the movers and shakers hang out.
  • Listen to this simple method to learn how to create an urgency for someone to want to know you and prioritize you above other people.
  • Here’s a great way to make a fast emotional connection with someone.
  • How do we create success & fulfillment in our business/life?
  • You are always in control of this point and no one can take it away from you.
  • This is your GPS and guide in life to get to the right place.
  • Learn to tap into the emotions that fuel you…good stuff!
  • Great purpose here by Jason. Great motivation.
  • Do this step to live a bigger life.
  • How do you build friendships quickly with people?
  • How to build the perfect team?
  • How to get co-workers to like each other?


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Jason Treu lays it on the line on how to create the highest performing culture. Great advice on how to build extraordinary relationships, find where the true movers and shakers hang out, learn how to create emotional connection with people, and so much more. A plethora of great advice. A superior interview!


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