EP130. Dean Sioukas: The First Search Engine For Any Loans!

Dean Sioukas is a successful entrepreneur, tech aficionado, car enthusiast, and the Co-Founder of Magilla Loans. A technophile at a very young age, he honed his web development skills over the years and eventually creating Magilla in 2015. Dean is the former CEO of Sioukas Investments which is credited for developing thousands of homes, the Amazon fulfillment center, and numerous commercial buildings in the greater Sacramento region.


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  • Here’s how it all started for Dean Sioukas at MagillaLoans.com.
  • From attorney to coder, interesting story.
  • Cool story anecdote about being in Greece.
  • What makes the Magilla loan engine different from others?
  • Dean talks about being the go-to guy when a friend needs some info or a reference.
  • Great story here on how to narrow the list of companies that can provide the best prices for a loan. It is impossible for someone to find the best loan offer.
  • About the inception of Magilla which was actually built for the owners to use themselves.
  • Cool info here, you don’t need to put in private information in order to see who can give you the best loan. No SS # or phone needed. Nice.
  • Magilla is kinda like a dating site. You’ll love this.
  • Finally, a loan search site the puts you in control. No pestering.
  • Great analogy here on buying a car.
  • A little story here of how the company name came up. It’s a riot.
  • How would you know, who has the most capacity for what you need?
  • Guess how many established lenders there are out there? This gets silly and then it gets serious!


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Dean Sioukas tells us about the first search engine for any loan! In just 1 1/2 years he’s running billions of dollars of loans through this platform! Learn from his success to rock your own business to new heights. I love this interview! This is another crazy success of a tool that was built by the owners to use for themselves (remember my interview with Russell Brunson of Click Funnels?).


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