EP128. Linda Hollander: How To Get Funding from Sponsors!

Linda Hollander is featured by Inc. Magazine as the leading expert in corporate sponsorships. She is the CEO of Sponsor Concierge which helps business owners profit from the awesome power of corporate sponsors. Linda Hollander has 20 years of experience in business. Her corporate sponsors included companies such as Microsoft, Citibank, Fed Ex, Health Net, American Airlines, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Staples, Wal Mart and IBM.


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  • Here’s how it all started for for Linda Hollander at WealthyBagLady.com.
  • Why she started a Women’s Expo (which exploded for her).
  • Are you afraid to open your mailbox?
  • It hurts to hear about dead-end jobs like this. Sound familiar?
  • The epiphany she had after years in an abusive relationship.
  • The amazing turnaround she had when she made a firm change in her job and relationship. Amazing.
  • If you have big dreams, you know this one major fact, which can be a stumbling block for many.
  • Some of the cool things that sponsors will underwrite. You can almost get giddy just hearing it.
  • Check out this list of her very first sponsors! They’re huge!
  • If you have an idea, a concept, a book to produce, even if you are just starting out, you need to hear this.
  • How do you identify potential sponsors?
  • Here are a few ways to find the right sponsors for you.
  • This will surprise you if you think that sponsors run out of budget.
  • You do not have to educate sponsors on why they should sponsor you for this very good reason.
  • Who wants to sell to your public or intended public? Here’s great advice on figuring that out.
  • Linda has a great directory you can get from her that contains sponsor info.
  • This site is the best place for you to do the legwork to work on getting sponsors. The best.
  • This is the job title of the person you should be going after.
  • Linda Hollander tells a great Fed Ex story (one of her first sponsors).
  • There is something cool about sponsors, that makes it a cash machine! Check this out.
  • Here’s info on the key thing that sponsors want!
  • Linda gives a great definition on what a sponsor really is.
  • Here is item after item of what you can do for a sponsor!
  • Check out this about the “Making a Difference Award!”
  • Here’s another thing sponsors are looking for!
  • Remember to ask for money based on the “value” of what you are bringing to the table.
  • What’s the best way to approach a prospective sponsor?
  • Use this free professional platform when you want to reach a sponsor.
  • Linda Hollander provides a “delicate” way to find the sponsor person in a company.
  • Once you find the person you need to speak with, it’s time for the industry-standard proposal discussed here.
  • This is the most important, but least understood document in the sponsor world.
  • There are two documents discussed here. Quick Facts 1-3 pages, and the full proposal, some 10 pages.
  • This is the whole object of your proposal: getting the phone call or meeting.
  • Linda Hollander provides a concierge program to help anyone get sponsors at wealthybaglady.com
  • Do you need a media partner? Listen to what the sponsor wants.
  • Some value info here about in-kind media partners. You don’t have to pay for anything to get this. Make a note of it.
  • About the poker game of getting a sponsor and how do we determine the benefits for the sponsor?
  • Research is very important on finding out what the sponsor needs.
  • Study their About page, investor relations and press room to learn about them among other pages.
  • You can also use google alerts at alerts.google.com to find out the latest about companies you want as a sponsor.
  • This point must be approached in your first meeting with the sponsor, whether in person or by phone.
  • How do we know how much money to ask for?
  • Great advice here on where to ask for money by event or by year.
  • How much most people get from sponsors. These figures here are the norm.
  • How many sponsors can you get? Any limit? The answer may surprise you.
  • Look at getting money from sponsors like a menu at a restaurant.
  • Asking for too little money? This will surprise you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for this!
  • About sponsor reports and how renewals work.
  • Make sure your contract has this renewal option put in it.
  • A suggested time frame here of how often to send reports.
  • The sponsor report should be by phone call to give all the key info of why they are sponsoring you, and what you did for them.
  • A little more about Linda. What’s her purpose and what motivates her?
  • Linda reads out her Mission Statement. You’ll love this!
  • A great wrap up statement from Linda Hollander!
  • A Free Gift from Linda Hollander: The Number One Secret To Getting Your Corporate Sponsors at WealthyBagLady.com.
  • Also get a Free Sponsor Strategy Session from Linda at this same site.


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Linda Hollander gives a highly exciting and thoroughly informative interview on all of the ins and outs, and nuances of getting sponsors: from how to find them, how to pitch them, how much money to ask, reports to give them and so forth. Linda also gives a free one-on-one strategy session to help you get sponsors at WealthyBagLady.com. Take advantage of this quick! She’s amazing—such a great, great interview!


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