EP127. Derek Champagne: Avoiding 5 Crisis Points in Marketing Your Brand!

Derek Champagne is the founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, a full service agency building successful brands, marketing tools, and campaigns, from startups to household brands. He’s the author of the best selling book Don’t Buy A Duck; Stop Wasting Money & Only Do Marketing That Works, endorsed by Seth Godin. Derek is also the co founder of ChampagneMarketingCourses.com, a new online certificate program that teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing managers how to build their brand and marketing campaign like the pros.


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  • Here’s how it all started for for Derek Champagne at champagnemarketingcourses.com
  • Guess what age Derek started on stage? This is cool!
  • You’ll also never believe how young he was when he started touring with his own music band. Impressive!
  • Another shocker here is when he got his first bulk mail permit at the post office, so he could promote shows.
  • Here he is playing gigs on Sunset Blvd in his 20s in California.
  • Cool story on playing on the house band at the Viper Room, owned by Johnny Depp! (Do you remember the
  • famous celebrity that died just outside their door?)
  • Derek Champagne is celebrating 10 years of having his own successful marketing agency.
  • While he moved on to marketing as a career, Derek is still found doing music, and even writing jingles for clients.
  • Here’s a side note on my being a “one-hit” wonder lol
  • Derek’s bestselling book, Don’t Buy A Duck—Stop Wasting Money And Only Do Marketing That Works. Endorsed by Seth Godin!
  • Here are the 5 crisis points in marketing your brand.
  • About strategic versus emotional marketing. How it ties together.
  • These common crisis points come after over 1000 consults and reviews of brands in the past decade!
  • About the hierarchy triangle of need and why we should use it.
  • This factor should never be the drive behind your marketing decisions.
  • Side note on getting your strategy in place and why.
  • A little info if you make emotional snap decisions.
  • PETMAG. Derek’s acronym. What it is and why we use it in our business.
  • Derek works with ivy league companies as well as household pizza names.
  • This is a review for some. Great info on the 5 crisis points here which even million dollar companies missed and got stuck.
  • Here’s a few points that you have to really have a grip on, and understand, in order to gain success.
  • Here’s some tips on how to find out more about your competitors.
  • Here is a crazy simple tip on finding out why your customers buy from you.
  • Some more simple tips about your marketing tools.
  • Further tips on how to grow by focusing, using myself as a case in point.
  • Check this out about having a plan.
  • Here are three categories requiring a plan.
  • Some great points here about execution.
  • Check out the new Marketing Course at: champagnemarketingcourses.com.
  • A free video series for you about instantly improving your conversion with your target customers at
  • champagnemarketingcourses.com/tony. This is specifically for Revenue Chat listeners!
  • You’ll also find a free assessment at theartistevolution.com.


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Derek Champagne gives a fascinating interview on the 5 crisis points businesses run into when marketing their brand, discovered after doing over a 1000 consultations with clients. These are the key points to speed up your marketing success. Also, get your free guide to improving communication and conversion with target customers as a gift at champagnemarketingcourses.com/tony. This interview is chock full of great marketing advice and tips! I love it!


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