EP125. Terri Levine: Best Advice For Today’s Business Owners!

Terri Levine, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U and the Coaching Institute, providing internationally recognized programs that provide training to individuals and organizations that want to learn coaching skills. She has an impressive track record of growing million-dollar businesses. A popular keynote and motivational speaker, Terri is also a successful author.


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  • How it all started for Terri Levine at heartrepreneur.com.
  • She came out of college as a speech language pathologist.
  • Opening up her own business, she started bringing on contracts with nurses, veterans & schools.
  • Terri found out quickly she was good at business development.
  • She sold her first business when in her 20s.
  • Terri Levine then started a home art show business, and years later sold that business.
  • After a bout of successful businesses, she tried her hand in corporate America and found she did not fit well in that.
  • Terri Levine is a master certified guerrilla marketing trainer and coach.
  • A little info about my interviewing David Fagan, the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing on my other show, The Spotlight with Tony DUrso.
  • Terri co-authored two books with J Conrad Levinson before he passed.
  • About heartrepreneur (and how to pronounce it!).
  • It became the name of her book, and also the new name of her company and her brand, which is trademarked.
  • A heartrepreneur is someone who does business heart-to-heart without selling or marketing, and treats people like family.
  • About the challenges that Terri sees in today’s marketplace.
  • People seem to be generally confused about marketing. Should they be online, offline…
  • Terri works to get her exact target audience to raise their hands and come to her, and ask to do business with her.
  • She’s worked with well over 5000 businesses in over 200 kinds of industries.
  • Terri’s best advice for today’s business owners.
  • Do your marketing as if the people you are communicating with are already your client family members.
  • She puts on an event every two months in her local community that normally costs $5000, and she does it for under $100.
  • She does the same online and gives away reports, webinars, videos, audio, tips, tool sheets, templates, advice all over Facebook, Facebook groups…
  • The number one thing is to just get out there and give, give, give.
  • If you don’t have enough clients, you are not creating enough value.
  • The difference between a coach, mentor or consultant.
  • About Terri Levine’s latest book, Sell Without Selling — Lessons From The Jungle.
  • She gave up selling 40 years ago and never does it. It’s all about coming from the heart.
  • A great point that I witnessed at a workshop held by Terri Levine about setting your price, and never going back with a lower one.
  • Some great points about never de-valuing your prices.
  • What the future looks like for Terri Levine.
  • She’s very serious about creating a heartrepreneur movement of minimum 1000 people who are really learning to do business differently.
  • She also teaches coaches and consultants how to have an automated webinar that brings a constant flow of high-quality prospects.
  • Terri is having a ball doing business mastermind groups.
  • The figures of how much people are adding to their business after attending Terri’s mastermind is amazing.
  • Several new books are coming out centering around the word “turbo charge.”
  • Terri Levine also has a TV show, currently hosts a radio show and speaks all over the world.
  • About Terri’s purpose. What motivates and drives her?
  • The world of business has been so good to her. What drives her is to give back.
  • Terri talks about a neurological disease she has and started a a foundation with children that have this disease. Most of her income is given to this foundation.
  • This is the number one disease on the planet in terms of pain scale, and there is no cure.
  • Terri has developed something recently on Facebook, which recently got 72,000 comments on the post and over 600 shares.
  • Follow Terri on social media and model what she does. Facebook: heartrepreneur Terri Levine.

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