EP122. Michael Sacca: This New Economy!

Growth Leader, Michael Sacca is the Head of Sales & Marketing at Dribbble, which recently acquired Crew where he was President. Michael also hosts the podcast Rocketship.fm which recently launched a new show,  This New Economy, which is focused on stories about humanity told through economics. Michael started his career as a designer and developer building a small agency out of San Diego, before taking over the role of head of partnerships at Crew in 2015.


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  • How it all started for Michael Sacca at rocketship.fm.
  • He started off with a degree in music, and then became a waiter!
  • Starting off to try his hand in tech, he found he loved it. From there, he built a consulting agency.
  • Michael Sacca tells us about one of his defining moments of the company he built. Later, Michael joined Crew.
  • A little info about Dribbble. A top 1000 website. It’s a design community with millions of people coming to the site every month.
  • Michael became President of Crew last November, and lead the acquisition of Crew by Dribbble.
  • About Dribbble podcasts, which are different from rocketship.fm. The Overtime podcast.
  • The Overtime podcast is an essential listen if you want to know what designers are doing these days.
  • Michael started and hosted rocketship.fm about 3 years ago.
  • He was getting people to come onto his podcast to share their thoughts and secrets of what they were working on.
  • Michael discusses his newest show: This New Economy.
  • Cool revelation and the “un-talked about secret” in having a podcast.
  • Michael Sacca has a ton of downloads on his podcast.
  • Great chat on listening to podcasts, title selection, and tips on getting listeners.
  • Getting downloads is all about the optimization, and getting your audience motivated to leave a review: both help to move up the iTunes charts.
  • iTunes is the big one – that’s what moves the needle for most people.
  • Finding your niche is also very important when it comes to getting a lot of downloads for your podcast.
  • This New Economy came out of their love for podcasting.
  • Last season Rocketship.fm took an editorial approach about very specific topics.
  • They selected 6-7 topics to discuss and then created multiple interviews to bring those stories together.
  • One of their latest series was about achieving greatness with Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers on K. Anderson’s 10,000 hours rule.
  • This New Economy interviewed Dennis Crowley of Foursquare, Seth Godin, and the great big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton.
  • Interesting stories were told of the sacrifices these greats made along the way to achieve what they achieved. Stories from their spouses and any regrets.
  • 5 more episodes to go with Season One of This New Economy.
  • He landed Seth Godin to interview! OMG! No more words for this one!
  • What motivates and drives Michael Sacca. To help people and lend an empathetic ear.
  • Great purpose by Michael Sacca to bring empathy in his work.
  • There’s a lot more greatest in Michael. Much more to come I’m sure.
  • When we are starting any new venture: not everyone has all the answers, yet they managed to achieve success. They got started down that path.
  • Michael wants anyone who is pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor to know that they may not always be killing it and make a couple of mistakes along the way.
  • It’s the mistakes that teach us to do it better the next time.
  • If you don’t try, then nothing ever happens!
  • You can reach Michael Sacca on Twitter @michaelsacca as well as rocketship.fm.


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Michael Sacca gives a delightful interview on a number of topics: being a successful entrepreneur, growing a business, running a podcast, starting a hot new show (This New Economy), Dribbble, Crew, Rocketship.fm, and what it takes to achieve success (the 10,000 hours rule). Great inspiration for anyone who has a goal they want to reach!



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