EP120. Janine Iannarelli: Making It In Aviation

Janine Iannarelli is the founder and president of Houston-based business jet leaser and seller, Par Avion. One of the industry’s top female aviation aircraft brokers, she forged a giant path in the world of corporate aviation during the last 30 years providing jet convenience among business giants and other high-net individuals.–Janine shares her insights and […]

Janine Iannarelli - Making It In Aviation

Janine Iannarelli gives an enlightening overview on how to make it in aviation, discussing the many types of aircraft ownership, and the benchmarks where you should start looking to own instead of renting. She tells excellent stories of business that get the sale because they get there first. She also reaches out to today’s youth to look into this for a career and more. She’s one of the top female aircraft brokers and she is brilliant. A great interview.


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