EP120. Janine Iannarelli: Making It In Aviation

Janine Iannarelli is the founder and president of Houston-based business jet leaser and seller, Par Avion. One of the industry’s top female aviation aircraft brokers, she forged a giant path in the world of corporate aviation during the last 30 years providing jet convenience among business giants and other high-net individuals.–Janine shares her insights and advice on being one of the top female aviation aircraft brokers in the world!


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  • How it all started for Janine Iannarelli at ParAvionLtd.com.
  • She met a female entrepreneur in the aircraft industry which started her on her career.
  • It started by trying to find who the owners of aircraft are.
  • Early in her career, she started researching for a client in the aircraft industry.
  • Security is a prime concern in a corporation hiding who is the owner of their aircraft.
  • What is the strategy behind a business wanting to own an aircraft?
  • Owning an aircraft improves productivity and expediting response time to needs such as an emergency or a requirement for a face-to-face.
  • Nothing replaces the personal encounter in doing business, especially businesses that are culturally driven.
  • A phone call or email doesn’t do it when working on a substantial business deal.
  • Anecdote that Warren Buffett named his jet, Indispensable and why.
  • About ATC privatization in the industry, which has the potential of shutting down regional airports that provide access for general aviation.
  • Owning an aircraft is about flexibility and time-savings. Including quality of life.
  • What is the size of a business that would consider the strategy of getting a jet?
  • Options have lowered the floor of entering into jet ownership such as charter, fractional share, club membership, jet card, and shared ride, in additional to whole aircraft ownership.
  • What you buy depends on your major mission for the course of the year.
  • What is the benchmark of how much a business flies that would make it beneficial to own an aircraft in full or in part?
  • A good benchmark, and it depends on the size of the aircraft, may be as low as 150 hours a year in an aircraft. If you are renting, you should be looking at ownership.
  • Janine shares an incredible success story on how aircraft ownership got an incredible sale for a particular company. It was all a matter of who could get their first.
  • There is a salvage company in Houston that is the Undisputed King in their industry because Response Time is most important. They are confident they get every single deal if they get their first.
  • Any difference between the international and the domestic market for aircraft purchases?
  • In the US we have a uniform policy, coast to coast, but not so in Europe. They have individual regulations, country to country.
  • How Janine finds and reaches potential buyers for aircraft purchases.
  • An absolute in aircraft today is telecommunication ability such as wi-fi, high speed data and satellite.
  • Aircraft broker is a male-dominated industry, which most people seem to find (or stumble) their way into.
  • She won an award for being a female owned business in Texas—historical recognition.
  • You can’t be in this business unless you are strong.
  • Perfect practice makes perfect. Janine is a perfectionist and keeps trying harder.
  • What industries are more likely to purchase an aircraft?
  • We chat about Janine’s purpose; what motivates her.
  • Janine’s hobby is to work. She is Italian and they like to work.
  • Janine would love to see more people finding out more about aircraft. The options of owning one puts one in more control in their job and business.
  • Janine reaches out to young girls and today’s youth about pursuing your career.
  • Janine Iannarelli: Making It In Aviation can be reached at ParAvionLtd.com.


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Janine Iannarelli gives an enlightening overview on how to make it in aviation, discussing the many types of aircraft ownership, and the benchmarks where you should start looking to own instead of renting. She tells excellent stories of business that get the sale because they get there first. She also reaches out to today’s youth to look into this for a career and more. She’s one of the top female aircraft brokers and she is brilliant. A great interview.


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