EP119. Megan Tull: Ignite Your Abundance Mindset

Megan Tull is the creator and host of the Passion to Profits Weekly Tip, an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, a Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Comprehensively Trained Certified Peak Pilates Instructor. An entrepreneur for over 25 years, she built 7 businesses from the ground up, and helped thousands of small business owners reach their financial goals. She inspires thousands worldwide revealing how to own your value and earn your worth!


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  • How it all started for Megan Tull at MeganTull.com and accesstoyoursuccess.com.
  • She’s been through a bit of adversity, and her career started when she tragically lost her husband and father of her child.
  • Megan quit her job because her why was greater than her fear.
  • She tripled her income in her first year.
  • Business coaching started as a result of others wanting to know how she did it.
  • About the Passion Belief Method that Megan Tull developed.
  • Her method is 5 steps to empower yourself.
  • New bestselling book: The Passion Belief Method.
  • You have to get rid of your limiting beliefs.
  • What are your passions? What do you like to do?
  • Identify what your values and priorities are? Set up boundaries to honor and protect those.
  • Megan created 8 passion beliefs that are in the book.
  • What can be done to stimulate and wake up people who are on autopilot and settling for a sub-standard life?
  • Advice for people who do not think they have real value.
  • It’s a kiss of death to compare yourself with others.
  • It comes down to knowing the value that you offer.
  • A two-step process: 1. What are your God-given talents? 2. How does your value serve others? Megan shares a great success story of one of her clients.
  • Megan goes more into her life and how she turned things around. How she got into alignment with her purpose and passion. Then abundance occurred.
  • The book is a complete guide with tools and strategies to help you develop a mindset of achievement.
  • It’s all about living a life of passion, love, integrity and purpose—while making a difference in the world.
  • Everyone is at a different stage in their life. Take the necessary steps to get to your goals. Life is a journey.
  • It’s all about being in a positive state of being on a regular basis, but that can be hard in this world we live in.
  • It’s about really being aware to recognize other thoughts and acknowledge them. And realize those thoughts are no longer serving you.
  • When you are negative, you are basically being a repellant to opportunities, and success. And it makes a small, narrow world.
  • When you are in the positive state of being, you will attract the opportunities and people that help you get to your goals. Megan has an allowing process detailing this out in her book.
  • Remember: you have a unique gift that you possess, that you are meant to share. When you do, this allows you to be fulfilled and a tremendous service to others.
  • Megan Tull has a great gift for our Revenue Crew Audience: Free business success tools (an actual workbook she developed). She pulled success tools. Learn how to build your unique personal brand, and get abundant!
  • Go to accesstoyoursuccess.com and get instant access.


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Megan Tull  gives a stimulating and insightful talk on igniting your abundance mindset and exactly how to do that. Once you do, you open up your world to achieve your goals, and receive abundance! She also provides some free tools to help you at accesstoyoursuccess.com. A classically superior interview!


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