EP117. Jeremy DeMerchant: Give Yourself Permission To Sell

Jeremy DeMerchant, aka The Sales Strategist is a#1 best-selling author, international speaker, and founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group. Equipped with a degree in marketing, a passion for entrepreneurship, and nearly 20 years in the sales arena, he now shares his results-driven passion by supporting entrepreneurs and sales professionals in achieving their highest level of success through powerful conversations and sales strategies!


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  • How it all started for Jeremy DeMerchant founder of PermissionToSell.com.
  • Why so many small business owners struggle with sales.
  • About the decades of negative association of being a sales person.
  • Remember the movie Matilda with Danny DeVito?
  • A great quote by the great Bob Burg!
  • How does giving someone permission to sell work with negative association?
  • You need to get permission from yourself and your client.
  • With clients: assess the value that they deliver. Does it add value or benefit?
  • The only way to longevity is selling a quality product.
  • Who is the value for with your product or service? Then speak to that person.
  • Speak to the right person who can benefit and be helped by your products and services. This brings confidence.
  • In startups, you hear about minimum viable product.
  • People may say yes on a survey that they would buy something, but it’s different when you present them with the actual product to buy.
  • Sell the result. Sell the final result of your product.
  • When selling, how do you get the person to understand that what you are providing will impact their bottom line?
  • Jeremy starts with a strategy session to learn about the client. Just ask and learn.
  • He challenges people on why they want to do with what they are doing. He keeps asking why to pull it out of the prospect. The “why” has to be big enough.
  • The client has to be really committed to be attached to the sales they want.
  • The poker game with clients.
  • With Jeremy’s strategy session, you are no longer poker players, you are on the same team.
  • It lowers the barriers and increases the trust.
  • About pricing the product. Why it’s important to not under price your products or services?
  • The number one rule about talking with the price! You need to nail it with the value. Build up the value.
  • The price of what you offer needs to fit the mental benchmark of what the customer is expecting.
  • Great discussion on the same product that sold at $2000 and also at $200. He paid $2000 and got so much more out of it. Very interesting story!
  • About Jeremy DeMerchant’s purpose. What motivates him. About his commitment to himself.
  • A good word that is on Jeremy’s dream board. And about the legacy he wants to leave.
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  • Free Cheat Sheet designed to have you make 5 figure sales conversations. Get it at PermissionToSell.com/revenuechat. Get it before Jeremy changes his mind and takes it down!
  • Today’s Pure Gold Nugget: You only fail when you want to! Listen to what I say about this.

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Jeremy DeMerchan give us permission to sell in this invigorating talk on sales basics, how to price your products, how to get clients to see the value in your work and so much more. A great encapsulation of basics here! Get your 5 C’s of successful sales conversations for free before Jeremy takes it off at PermissionToSell.com/revenuechat. An amazing interview I know you will love!


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