EP117. Jeremy DeMerchant: Give Yourself Permission To Sell

Jeremy DeMerchant, aka The Sales Strategist is a#1 best-selling author, international speaker, and founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group. Equipped with a degree in marketing, a passion for entrepreneurship, and nearly 20 years in the sales arena, he now shares his results-driven passion by supporting entrepreneurs and sales professionals in achieving their highest level […]

Jeremy DeMerchant - Give Yourself Permission To Sell

Jeremy DeMerchan give us permission to sell in this invigorating talk on sales basics, how to price your products, how to get clients to see the value in your work and so much more. A great encapsulation of basics here! Get your 5 C’s of successful sales conversations for free before Jeremy takes it off at PermissionToSell.com/revenuechat. An amazing interview I know you will love!


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