EP112. Jeff Cheung: Eliminating Overspend While Advertising Online

The CTO of Click Ticker, Jeff Cheung, worked with a variety of businesses, from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies, over the past 15 years. He’s very passionate about technology with the primary goal to educate people who are a little more “technophobic” than others so that they can fully utilize it to their advantage.—Jeff shows us how to eliminate overspend while advertising online!


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  • How it all started for Jeff Cheung CTO of Click Ticker at clickticker.com.
  • What is ad tracking and ad serving? And why is that important?
  • The displaying of your ad is called “ad serving.”
  • “Ad tracking” is the process of segmenting your audience; who is your customer base?
  • About the process of optimizing.
  • What is realtime data and doesn’t everyone do this?
  • The difference is Click Ticker is “constant” real time.
  • If I’m advertising with Google, Bing, or Facebook, can’t they already provide real time data?
  • Jeff doesn’t try to compete with the other search engines.
  • Click Ticker provides the real time data so that you can optimize and make fast adjustments as needed, thereby saving significantly.
  • If your ad budget is $5 a day, then Click Ticker is the tool for you.
  • The less your ad budget, the more useful Click Ticker is in order to optimize your conversions.
  • Click Ticker is made for the “little guys.”
  • An example of how Click Ticker interfaces with Facebook.
  • There’s a demo available if you want.
  • A mobile app is available in iTunes and Google Play.
  • There’s a mobile phone demo that is live on the site at clickticker.com.
  • A little more info on the origin and roots of Click Ticker. A 7 year journey of getting the patent.
  • There is a multi-user mgmt system that allows you to provide this info to your clients on the real time status of their campaign.
  • About Jeff and his purpose. What motivates him at clickticker.com.
  • Jeff welcomes any communication. Email him at jeff@clickticker.com.

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Jeff Cheung gives an enlightening and educational chat about making the most of your ad budget, no matter how tiny it may be, in order to get the most conversions for your buck. Great info. Go to their site and see a live mobile app demo as well!

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