EP110. Matthew Gonzalez: Accelerated Resources For Entrepreneurs

Dr. Matthew Gonzalez thought he was born an entrepreneur from an early age, but quickly realized he needed to be made into an entrepreneur by asking questions and learning business through education, proper planning, and trial and error. He did that on an accelerated basis and went on to produce the popular Enthead daily podcast.–Matthew discusses accelerated project management resources for entrepreneurs!


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  • How it all started for Dr. Matthew Gonzalez host of the popular Enthead daily podcast at EntHead.com
  • He created and sold two successful businesses in event publishing and event marketing.
  • What project management methodologies are good for a growing business?
  • About the 900 lb. gorilla for project management.
  • Matthew favors the “Agile” methodology and comparisons to Lean, Scrum and other methods.
  • What types of resources should a project manager look for when managing projects?
  • Putting yourself in some formal training on the methodology you see as a best fit for your company.
  • There are lots of free training on YouTube on some of these methodologies.
  • Discussion on joining Brown Bags, MeetUps, Lunch & Learn, and similar.
  • Are their lessons learned you can suggest to managing a growing business?
  • Deferred gratification is not for the weak of heart.
  • Investing in financials is key to growth.
  • What are some example software tools to help manage projects?
  • Dr. Matthew lists a number of great tools to check out.
  • Any final lessons learned on project management for growth organizations?
  • As you’re growing, your budgets and timelines will grow as well. Then it’s time to scope and lock it.
  • Lock that budget! Lock that schedule! Watch out for the kitchen sink! Avoid “scope creep.”
  • Find out what motivates Dr. Matthew Gonzalez at EntHead.com.
  • The curse of “always having something on my plate” and the element of time.
  • What the future holds for Dr. Matthew Gonzalez.
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Dr. Matthew Gonzalez gives an informed and educated look into a number of accelerated resources for entrepreneurs; many of them free and available. Check it out as he lists tool after tool, and various great programs for project management. And we talk about achieving goals with a great book reference. Check it out!!

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