EP107. Cloris Kylie: Creating Digital Training that Sells

Cloris Kylie says she “helps you attract the right clients so that you build a magnificent business that creates impact and thrives in the long term.” This Marketing MBA is the founder of Lead Generation Academy and Client Attraction Bootcamp.–Cloris is going to reveal Secrets to Creating Digital Training Programs that Sell!

Cloris Kylie - Creating Digital Training that Sells

Cloris Kylie gives such a great talk on how you, yes you, can create a digital training program that sells because you are an expert on something, and people would love to know that. Pay attention to this interview and get more ideas on how you can create and sell your own digital training program. Awesome stuff! Reveal your magnificence! Also take the free 5 question quiz: what is your client attraction style? At the top of ClorisKylie.com. Take the quick quiz. It’s cool!


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