EP107. Cloris Kylie: Creating Digital Training that Sells

Cloris Kylie says she “helps you attract the right clients so that you build a magnificent business that creates impact and thrives in the long term.” This Marketing MBA is the founder of Lead Generation Academy and Client Attraction Bootcamp.–Cloris is going to reveal Secrets to Creating Digital Training Programs that Sell!


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  • How it all started for Cloris Kylie the founder of Lead Generation Academy at ClorisKylie.com.
  • Cloris originally graduated with an engineering degree and never expected to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • A little info about her motto, “reveal your magnificence.”
  • Cloris answers, “why offer digital training products?”
  • How to scale your business and come up with a more reliable source of revenue.
  • Anyone with any expertise can create a training program and offer that online.
  • As you create the digital programs, you start to realize that you have a system. And you can share that expertise.
  • Important is to work out your complete avatar (who is your customer).
  • How do you price your digital training?
  • Don’t base your prices against the competition.
  • It does not matter how much you charge. Think about the value that it adds.
  • Building your foundation with a variety of products and offers. Work out your strategy for this.
  • What is the most important element to sell your products and programs online?
  • Do not create your products alone and hope people buy it—the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make.
  • Work with your ideal clients to work out what your digital programs will be.
  • Do a pilot program as they take time and resources to create. The pilot will tell you if it will be successful or what needs to change or tweak.
  • Advice for startups who don’t have the clients to begin with.
  • Check out the books at Amazon, and look at 2-3 star reviews and see what is lacking with those books.
  • Join groups where your idea client would be.
  • Try a simple Facebook ad to get your item downloaded to test it.
  • What else do we need to do to make our offers irresistible?
  • Bonuses are important. Your offers are something special.
  • What do you offer after the person completes your program? What’s next?
  • The bonuses need to be worth as much as your program all by itself.
  • Limited time programs are great to make your program scarce at a certain price.
  • What motivates Cloris Kyle at ClorisKylie.com: to see people succeeding.
  • Reveal your magnificence! Remember you are valuable!
  • Free 5 question quiz: what is your client attraction style? At the top of ClorisKylie.com. Take the quick quiz. It’s cool!



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Cloris Kylie gives such a great talk on how you, yes you, can create a digital training program that sells because you are an expert on something, and people would love to know that. Pay attention to this interview and get more ideas on how you can create and sell your own digital training program. Awesome stuff! Reveal your magnificence! Also take the free 5 question quiz: what is your client attraction style? At the top of ClorisKylie.com. Take the quick quiz. It’s cool!

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