EP105. Susan Martin: 5 Simple Steps to Business Sanity

Susan Martin ran her own successful companies for over 25 years and then began to help others achieve business sanity. She helps business owners and self-employed professionals direct where they want their business to go and how to get it there, so they can be profitable and productive doing the work they love. And, she helps them do all of this without engaging in the insanity that’s all too common in small businesses today.–Susan gives us the 5 simple steps to business sanity!


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  • How it all started for Susan Martin the New York City Business Coach and Founder of Business Sanity at business-sanity.com
  • She started off in the clothing industry, doing everything herself at first, and learning as she went along.
  • What prompted Susan Martin to start Business Sanity?
  • Susan tells us some of challenges or situations that create a lot of stress for business owners.
  • Productivity and focus is another huge stress area for business owners.
  • It’s so easy to get loaded with distractions.
  • Some startling statistics on businesses that fail.
  • Susan elaborates on why is it so important for business owners to maintain their sanity.
  • Some great points on how you can achieve and maintain business sanity.
  • Susan walks us through on how she works with a business to bring sanity to them.
  • Her first step is working out the long term vision.
  • Leadership is important, even if you are a solopreneur.
  • Susan tells a success story about one of her clients, a solopreneur, who tripled income and hired a ton of employees. Today, they’re doing $25-30 million.
  • What motivates and drives Susan Martin at business-sanity.com
  • Free ebook: top 10 reasons you are not making progress on your business which is free at business-sanity.com


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Susan Martin gives us the 5 simple steps to business sanity, but do not be fooled. One of her solopreneur clients is making $25-30 million these days with a huge company. Listen up and pay heed to a consummate expert in straightening out a business!

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