EP104. Carol Sanford: Three Non-Negotiable Imperatives For 10X Growth

Carol Sanford decodes your business’ DNA and aligns systems to it, yielding game-changing creativity, market leadership and financial returns. She assists the top companies in the world—the ones that are well-known household names. An experienced thought leader and expert that brings about innovative, meaningful and profitable change, Carol now tells us the three non-negotiable imperatives for 10X growth!


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  • How it all started for Carol Sanford the thought leader who decodes your business’ DNA at CarolSanfordInstitute.com.
  • She sold one of her first businesses to a public company.
  • She also founded a real estate company.
  • Carol Sanford studied with some of the masters of the world.
  • She also was a professor and taught in Silicon Valley.
  • What is regenerative business education? (It’s not consulting.)
  • How Carol Sanford raises revenue and grows her client base.
  • She gets her clients by referral or through her speaking only.
  • How she gets the whole organization focused and on the same page.
  • Great story on how she works with the Dupont corp. Great insights.
  • How Carol avoids the competitive trap of dropping prices.
  • Why Apple has never dropped its prices.
  • How do you avoid giving discounts?
  • Discounts come as a response to dropping prices.
  • You avoid discounts by operational innovation.
  • 10-12% of the people always want the cheapest. Don’t try to compete with them or you are forced to do discounts.
  • Your market wants the innovated advantage of the value that you are providing and they don’t want the cheapest.
  • Ignore the tire kickers looking for the best price. Go for those who want the best value.
  • Discounts and dropping prices are for those going for revenue and market share.
  • The value is in innovation and people pay more for that.
  • Small businesses can turn around in about 6 months. Large business in about 1 year on just this piece of advice.
  • How do you keep the same customers forever?
  • Don’t ever say “thank you for your support” or “thank you for your business.”
  • Instead say, “thank you for letting me contribute to your success.”
  • She stays in touch with all clients, including past clients, and continues to help them innovate and grow.
  • Carol is much more focused on relationships, and not just making revenue from clients.
  • Carol goes over the societal change of her teacher’s term “Value Adding” to “Value Added” which is a mistake.
  • What motivates Carol Sanford; what drives her at CarolSanfordInstitute.com.
  • Carol shares an amazing story of her work with Colgate-Palmolive in South Africa.
  • She takes “multi level” to a whole new level in how she cares and works with others.
  • With her work in South Africa the company was growing 40% per quarter; not year but per quarter.
  • Check out Carol’s book The Responsible Business, and The Responsible Entrepreneur. You can find them at CarolSanfordInstitute.com.
  • Carol is starting to do a business series in Europe, Seattle and California. Just email her at Carol@CarolSanford.com

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Carol Sanford gives amazing advice and nuggets on how you can improve your business growth on a serious short term basis. She has done this over and over and worked with the greats, and household name companies. This is such an amazing interview that you will want to hear over and over!

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