EP103. Yolanda Tucker: 3 Must Do’s Before Signing A Contract

Expert contract consultant, Yolanda Tucker has nearly two decades of experience negotiating and administering complicated contracts. From minorities and women, to corporate giants and government contracts, she has been there at all levels assisting her clients to successfully navigate through sometimes dangerous waters.–Yolanda tells us the 3 must do’s before signing a contract!

Yolanda Tucker - 3 Must Do’s Before Signing A Contract

Yolanda Tucker has assisted all levels of business in masterfully dealing with service contracts, from the small business all the way to the government for nearly two decades.

Some of these include professional procurement services such as a strategic procurement organizational plan including a cost reduction and organizational savings summary, contract negotiation, contract administration, development of departmental policies and procedures, procurement employee training and on-going procurement resource, Lean Six Sigma/Kaizen continuous procurement improvements and vendor training.

Yolanda tells us the 3 must do’s before signing a contract, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • How it all started for Yolanda Tucker the expert contract consultant at TuckerContractConsulting.com
  • Yolanda discusses the negotiating of the contract and how important it is.
  • You must be as detailed as possible when negotiating a contract.
  • Is there a way to finesse into negotiations of a contract if you don’t like some of the contract points?
  • What to do if you are afraid to negotiate on a contract.
  • Yolanda discusses the redlining of contracts and some tips on doing it.
  • Some pointers to watch out when going to the negotiation table.
  • Not all contracts are “take it or leave it.”
  • When you redline, you can make comments, note language change, and so forth.
  • Some contracts are so big, they are impossible to read. What do we do?
  • Yolanda lists out a number of points to look out for before accepting a contract. Check it out.
  • Yolanda loves reading huge contracts and helping you with them. Send them to her!
  • Are reports really an important contract metric?
  • What could happen if I fail to submit reports or submit reports late?
  • If I need to create a Request for Proposal to subcontract for a contract I recently won, what’s the most important piece of information or document of an RFP?
  • Yolanda Tucker discusses that the most important piece of the RFP is the business requirement.
  • When negotiating a contract be courteous, be mindful, be nice and polite but persevere.
  • Yolanda Tucker talks about her purpose and motivation to be the expert she is at TuckerContractConsulting.com

Yolanda Tucker provides a very informative look at the subject of contracts with what you must do before signing. Great insight is provided regarding negotiating: Everything is negotiable and she really drills this down. Great interview!


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