EP101. Priest Willis: Hacking Your Job To Build A Life

Priest Willis is the Director of Affiliate Marketing for Affiliate Mission–the fastest growing affiliate management startup in North Carolina. He got his start in affiliate marketing in early 2000s where he cut his teeth building a few niche affiliate sites and managing company sites like Lenovo, Atomicpark and also BuyCostumes where he grew their affiliate program exponentially and won several industry awards.–Priest shows us how to hack our job to build a life!

Priest Willis is the Affiliate Manager at BuySeasons, Inc. which houses the ecommerce sites BuyCostumes.com and Celebrate Express brands.

He now leads the Affiliate Channel which won BuyCostumes.com the Commission Junction CJYou “People’s Choice” Award in 2010, 2011 and Celebrate Express brands finalist for CJYou “People’s Choice in 2012

Priest shows us how to hack our job to build a life, on this episode of Revenue Chat.

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  • How it all started for Priest Willis the award winning Director of Affiliate Marketing at affiliatemission.com
  • He did the usual: building computers and building websites, but quickly realized, that wasn’t for him.
  • He started being an affiliate and fell in love with it.
  • Discussing the very first affiliate marketing programs out there and how Amazon used that to become the giant they are now.
  • Priest gets into the nitty gritty on building that side hustle, while you are also working your 9-5 job.
  • He hustles in the evening doing all he can in the side hustle, but doesn’t quit his day job.
  • Discussing the days of getting a gold watch for 25 years of faithful employment are gone.
  • To be happy, you don’t look to your employer. You have to find something to plug in after work.
  • Priest says: be a committed employee. Give everything you have. But after work, do the hack to build your dream.
  • “What is the life that you ultimately want to get to? That’s what you’re working towards.”
  • Priest describes how to set boundaries to build a “work/life” balance.
  • One of the first things he did was get a Virtual Assistant to help him out.
  • Priest is up to 13 VAs helping him on his side business.
  • How to go about finding a side hustle? Check this out.
  • Priest gives the 411 on how to build connections while doing the side hustle.
  • You can use VAs to help you make connections also.
  • Priest is writing a book on outsourcing. He gives some tips and insights here.
  • Some great info here on why you should start your own business, or at least hack your job with a side hustle?
  • Great questions posed by Priest Willis: What kind of legacy are you going to leave your family?
  • Great purpose and vision by Priest. Cool stuff.
  • Great advice and parting shots by Priest Willis of AffiliateMission.com!


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Priest Willis gives such a great interview on how to hack your job to build a life. Very clever and easy to replicate for anyone that wants more out of their life or career. The simple steps are here and they work!

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