The Dream Business Maker

Your Dream Business Mastermind 


Are you ready for accelerated success with your business goals?

There are infinite possibilities for having a successful, growing business if you “Dare to Dream!”

Known as The Dream Business Maker, I help high level fortune 500 companies create accelerated success and take their business up a few notches one VIP day at a time.


I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to build my own dream business using a combination of authorship, radio and high level sales and marketing consulting. It gives me great joy each day to not only have my own dream business but to help others transform their businesses into a Dream Come True.

A great business makeover or up-level starts with having a clear mission and vision for your overall business success.

What does Your Dream Business look like?

As your Dream Business Maker I can help in these ways:

  • Rapidly grow your Social Media Network
  • Web site assistance 
  • Building your Sales Funnel
  • One on One Consulting
  • Being a part of your Mastermind Group
  • Being on your Board
  • Speaking at your event or company
  • Being your Product or Service Ambassador

The Dream Business Community

Join me in a special Dream Business Community on Facebook where I provide specific information to help You!


What You Get

  • I post helpful information several times a week.
  • I answer your specific comments and questions.
  • Other group members also answer and give you helpful advice.
  • Special guest members provide you with helpful information, especially for the disabled.
  • Copies of my latest books and guides.
  • Information to my classes. 
  • And lots of other goodies!

Go here for more details and access to the group!


Let the Dream Business Maker Help You!

If you are handicapped in any way (blind, deaf, disabled) I want to help you succeed in life! I believe you can be a Great Entrepreneur and I will use my experience and talents to help you build your business!

Building a successful website, sales funnel or large social media network are not as easy as people say. I can help!

Here is a show about me that gives you a glimpse on what I am all about. Also read up on me on the About and Media pages. 

cropped-tdurso_green.jpgTake advantage of me, listen to my awesome shows and get a feeling for who I am. And contact me to engage and to help you and your business.

I will be honored to do my best. And I think now you better understand why I am known as the Dream Business Maker (contact me).

Thanks, Tony


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