EP3. Donovan Kovar, Digital Marketing Expert

Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso, welcomes Donovan Kovar, the Digital Marketing Expert. As CEO and Chief Strategist of the 24-7 Sales Agency, he manages over $1 million in advertising for successful online businesses, working with each one to reduce waste, improve conversion and increase their bottom line.

Donovan Kovar - Digital Marketing Expert

Exhibiting a high level of competence, his agency was selected to be part of Google’s AdWords Agency Program, which is something not to be taken lightly, and speaks volumes in itself. In fact, now that Donovan is on the “inside” at Google, he takes part in higher level support and tools that are not available to others. That’s a significant feather in anyone’s cap. With the online marketing landscape continuously evolving, only the fittest keep on surviving. Donovan’s expertise is high level in just about anything you can think of in terms of online digital marketing. One client received a 1300% increase overnight as an example.

From AdWords to geo-targeting; from link building to using the right keywords; from re-marketing to visitors on Facebook to conversion optimization, you could say he has a “been there, I can handle that” attitude in being able to take any company to a higher level of leads, sales and conversions.

If you have ever thrown money down the drain doing online marketing with insufficient return, this interview may just be your godsend.

Join me on Revenue Chat as I chat with Donovan Kovar.


  • There are important considerations when a business starts to market on line. It’s more than just getting enough traffic.
  • More traffic does not equal more sales. It has to be the correct type of traffic. There is a way to manage that visitor in order to get sales.
  • Who is the target buyer, how old are they, where are they geographically, male or female, what are their interests? That is who you want to target specially for your business.
  • Evaluate that for yourself and get a clear picture of your ideal customer.

A great and highly interesting interview with Donovan Kovar, Digital Marketing Expert!


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