Creating A More Effective Hiring Process

More than location or capital, the most valuable resources a business has are the people who work for it. That’s especially true for entrepreneurs, who often don’t start with much in the way of resources, except for their employees. High-quality, motivated and dedicated people are the foundation on which successful businesses are built.

A startup can have all the financing it could want, but if the people doing the work aren’t up to the task, no amount of money can make up for it. More often than not, it’s not because the people hired are incompetent, but that the process that hired them was inadequate to fill the positions. In fact, nearly 80 percent of employee turnover is due to flawed hiring processes. That’s why a strong hiring process should be at the top of every entrepreneur’s wish list when embarking upon a new business venture.

Creating a More Effective Hiring Process from icrunchdata

It Can Be Difficult For Entrepreneurs

However, it can be difficult for many entrepreneurs to start with a strong hiring protocol because of the enormity of everything else they have to do. With so many hats to wear throughout the 24/7 business of guiding a startup to success, entrepreneurs can let solid hiring practices fall by the wayside.

They may be confident that their judgment will lead them to hire the right people after interviewing them, but that assumes that the right people will be among those who apply in the first place.

A strong hiring process starts at the beginning, with a job posting designed to bring in the right candidates and filter out those who would only be wasting everyone’s time.

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A Well-Crafted Job Posting

A well-crafted job posting is only one step entrepreneurs must take to screen and select the most qualified applicants, however.

The application process must be built in such a way that applicants who aren’t qualified can be filtered out, and certain red flags on other applications should disqualify them from consideration before they have a chance to get to the interview stage.


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Once In The Interview Phase

Once in the interview phase, entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to base their decisions too much on the personality of the applicant, and instead focus on providing the applicant with an opportunity to demonstrate relevant problem-solving skills.

Although entrepreneurs often have to do much of the work themselves, it can be helpful to have others participate in the interview, especially anyone directly connected to the position being filled.

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Having A Strong Business

Having a strong business begins with building a process that hires the strongest people for the job.

The above guide provides you with all the tips you need to build a stronger hiring process for your company so you can bring in quality employees you can trust.




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