Ever wonder why your show is so good,
but your listener numbers are so low?

It’s Time To Supercharge Your Podcast/Business

How would you feel?

Imagine what would happen to Your Podcast if you could have 10s of 1000s of New Listeners and Subscribers?

You are really good and you have great guests. So, what’s the difference between Your Show and the “Big Ones?”

Tony’s system is incredible. It delivers consistently, and with high quality.
He brings real, interested parties looking for what you have to offer creating a huge success and engagement rate.

Dave Lukas, The Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast

So what's the difference?

So, what’s the difference between your show and a famous show? Well, it boils down to two simple (but not easy) things:

I’ve been working with Tony for over two years. He’s helped us to reach a broader audience. The great thing about Tony is that he always over delivers on promised value.

Jeremy Ryan Slate, Create Your Own Life Podcast

You know exactly what I mean: you’ve recorded an episode, the guest was fantastic, you are completely on your game and you couldn’t wait to release it … this is going to be “the one” that would make your show viral …

Then a day, three days later, a week later you keep checking your downloads and you can’t believe the numbers are so low.

You check with the server if there is an issue, and the response is, “no, everything is good.”

What The Heck is Going On!!?

I don’t know you (yet), but one thing I do know for sure is, (because I’ve been there) oftentimes the best podcasts go unheard, particularly if you’ve come to the podcast world a little later than the big guys.

So, how do you become as popular as the top-rated podcasts?

Like I said, it comes down to two simple but not easy things: Listeners and Subscribers. You know as well as I do, you have to do a great job to keep your listeners. But, the truth is;

You can’t keep listeners you haven’t got …

We have broken 2 million downloads!If you really want to RAWK and Gain Momentum, then run…don’t walk and DO THIS!

Barry Shore, The Joy of Living Podcast

There Is A Solution

Imagine what would happen to Your Podcast if you could have 10s of 1000s of New Listeners and Subscribers?

Imagine what that would do for your social media following?

Imagine having guests lining up to be on your show rather than you having to search them out?

That’s what we offer!

We offer You 10s of 1000s of Listeners.
We offer You 10s of 1000s of Social Media Followers.

Who is Tony DUrso?

Tony DUrso started podcasting back in 2015. His first few shows had a mere number of listeners. Like you he struggled to crack the code to become a top podcaster. Today he is one of the top podcasters in the US. He’s the #1 talk show on VoiceAmerica with 16+ Million Listens & 500+ interviews of some of the most successful people in their category, whom Tony calls, “Elite Entrepreneurs.” 

He is a nationally syndicated U.S. radio show host, on Roku as well as all other podcast platforms. He is an Amazon bestseller (Elite Entrepreneurs). So when it comes to growing a following of loyal listeners and subscribers, this guy knows his stuff!

(Proper spelling is D’Urso but as search engines get confused, the [‘] is dropped to make it simpler.)

Get Listeners Hearing Your Podcast

You want thousands of new people checking out Your Podcast, right?

Like most podcasters you have probably tried to do it all yourself and you know it’s another full time job.

You likely understand the importance of growing your social media following … Right? 

So, if you’re like most podcasters who are reaching for the top, you’ve taken webinars, seminars and workshops to learn

Tony is a master of the airwaves with a powerful show that reaches millions of people. He knows how media, podcasting and radio work better than anyone.

Mitch Russo, Your First Thousand Clients

how to grow your social media and bring people to your podcast in hopes that you can turn them into loyal listeners?

Maybe you are downloading ebooks, buying books, buying classes, doing this and doing that just to learn how to get more people, more exposure, more sales?

We’ve all done it. (I can’t tell you how much time and money I wasted.) It’s freakin exhausting!!!

I spent years doing all of it, only to learn the “latest and greatest” becomes outdated faster than you can learn it.

What I do works! I provide you with people through social media. They’re not bots or other nonsense. This is all organic. I write short posts that pack a punch.

Posts that are based only on your podcast content, and I provide you a precise example of what is posted. My posts get millions of impressions.

Get over 5,000 People landing on your podcast page, on our Silver Package. (You can split them up between podcasts.)

Build Your Social Authority

There comes a point where a show develops more momentum. For that momentum to take place it is essential to have authority on the social media platforms so that your listeners and subscribers are evangelists for your podcasts. 

Our services provide you with Real People (Organic Followers). What’s more, you keep your privacy; we do not need your login information.

Get over 10,000 people landing on your podcast page, on our Gold Package.

However, maybe you are committed and want to take off like a rocket? Then our Platinum package is for you. Our Platinum Package gets you 20,000 podcast listeners.

Now it’s up to you … Are you playing around in the podcast space? Or, are you committed to your show becoming one of the top talked about, shared and listened to out there?

Let’s send Organic Live People to Your Podcast. Historically, a high percentage become Listeners

Choose a package or ask for a custom order.

Organic Visitors To Your Podcast or blog

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Organic Followers To Your Instagram or twitter

*See below on how this is done. (Request quote for LinkedIn)

Youtube Views

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Reach out, and let's
talk about your needs.

    *Instagram & Twitter

    I found 4 ways to get Instagram & Twitter Followers and I consider three of them not quite super-honest.

    Our service gets them completely organic and people have to want to follow you — and they click and follow you on their own accord. It’s the only to do it.

    The 4 Ways:

    1. Click Banks: Some of these guys tie into a network that has 100s of 1000s of phones managed by only a few people.

    Baloney trick – not real people.

    2. Incentives: The company makes people follow you in order to get prizes. These people don’t care about your content in the first place.

    3. Fake following: the company manually follows people and then in a few days/weeks, they unfollow. Meanwhile, the original person was tricked into thinking you followed them, and so they followed you. This is currently the most popular method to gain followers.

    4. Pure organic: People see our post asking them to check you out and follow. They follow you because they want to see more of your content. This is how we do it.

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