Brad Dude & Eric McGehearty: Leader & Globe Runner!

Brad Dude worked with NASA, Westinghouse, Dept. of Interior & Energy and others over a 40-year span. He wrote 6 books on leadership…

Eric McGehearty is founder & CEO of Globe Runner, a digital marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. His entrepreneurial journey started as an artist then, transitioned into the marketing world…more.

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Brad Dude

Brad Dude has 40+ years of experience in leadership and management consulting in the U.S. and in more than 35 countries. He worked for such clients as NASA, Navy, Westinghouse, Dept. of Interior and Energy and many others.Brad holds a journalism degree from Northern Illinois University and currently serves as a co-coordinator for government employees throughout Micronesia and Polynesia on a leadership training course.

He wrote six books on leadership and how personal temperament influences how we view the world and how we lead our teams and organizations. He is the director of a new company devoted to training new leaders in an practical and entertaining manner.

Eric McGehearty

Eric McGehearty is the founder and CEO of Globe Runner, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. Eric’s entrepreneurial journey started as an artist, and he slowly but surely transitioned into the marketing world.Eric is also the founder of the family travel website, a consultant to national non-profits, an advocate for people with learning disabilities, and an award-winning sculptor whose work has been exhibited across the United States. He’s featured in Forbes, Killer Start-Ups, The Business Journal, Denton Record Chronicle and Dallas Morning News.


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